Overwatch, Gathering 2016 and BF4 buddies

Our relentless march forward together in to gaming history continues with more exciting developments, hold on tight because in no particular order:

owOverwatch has taking the gaming scene by storm and looks like it’s here to stay! We meet Blizzard’s first foray in to providing an FPS title with optimism and are committing ourselves to staying interested and in-tune to their development for the title. With that we are proud to announce that long time Crack Clan supporter and member GuGu (originally from our TF2 campaign) rekindles his activity and is put in to place as director of our European Overwatch campaign. cc//GuGu had this to say:

Hi fellow players ! I am GuGu, former Crack Clan TF2 player and now leading the brand new Overwatch Crack Clan team. I am proud to compete under this banner and be part of this great family again. We work hard to be successful throughout this long journey and hope we will bring you many victories. We are currently preparing ourselves for the many competitions to come, so stay in touch and cya on the game !

We really look forward to what the boys can do and are keen to support them as they build the Overwatch future for Crack Clan – congratulations, welcome and stay tuned for more news as we’ll be announcing both competitive and casual developments.

cc-article-gatheringIn more news, we have officially selected and announced the details and location of our next annual tradition of Gathering offline to further the brilliant legacy and camaraderie of our group. This year we will be featuring a mixed, gradient, week-long adventure that allows people to join based on their outdoor experience: it begins with a multi-day hike through the Appalachians, continues to an exclusive cabin (complete with stocked pond and firing range) and culminates in an incredible weekend hosted at the house of by long-time member cc//Hogtyd. Don’t walk, RUN to announce your participation in this once-a-year magical experience and get in to discord to get details; flights are booking up and car shares are filling up.

bf-mondays-knifey-knifeyLast but not least we would like to extend both a special thanks and reminder about our ongoing BF4 activities. Every Monday (as a minimum) we still plug away with Battlefield 4 — what can we say, we’re enthusiasts of the franchise! — recently we’ve taken on a dance card with [OTC]; The Old Timers Clan, a great group of people who joined us on a private server to deliver fierce 10v10 action without the usual clan hang ups. Close rounds, great teamwork and attitude has really juiced things up and given us all something new to look forward to. Don’t be shy and get in touch if you want to include yourself in these activities — it’s the best way to ensure sportsmanship, competition, no hackers and all-round good times without all of the other stuff that clans usually carry with them. Connect up with any of us to get rockin’ and rollin’!

Gathering, frontiergam.es and TF2

Thanks for coming by to read another update, today’s is about another gathering, community focus and TF2!

We’re getting together again

cc-article-gatheringSummer with all its glorious sun and greenery is beginning to loom overhead which means we fall back in to the pattern of talking about, planning and attending yet another epic Gathering! Preliminary discussions have already begun and it appears we’re looking at August somewhere in North America. If you’re interested in find out more please pop by The Gathering channel in Discord and take a look and type something – we’ll be hosting a meeting to start nailing down those details this coming week. For those that don’t know: The Gathering is an annual leave-your-PC-at-home event where we travel to meet and hang out to trade war stories, BBQ and have some kind of adventure.

Community organization

Frontier GamesSpeaking of adventures: we’re setting out on a new one which concerns our community initiatives. Over the last few years we’ve fuzzed the line between our competitive and community elements; it’s always been that way but all the more so as of late. Today we’d like to formally announce some clarity in that regard – Crack Clan will remain the exclusive group with competitive elements it has been all along, but we’re also hosting a new “nation of communities” called Frontier Games. While Crack Clan will continue on its 18+ year journey we will also be supporting the wider scene with all our friends in an open community that’s meant to brave the new frontier of facilitating easy matching of game events without any of the clan hangups, trials and other challenges all with an eye toward career and family oriented gamers. If you’ve got limited time but still want to have reliable game sessions with like-minded people before going back to take care of other responsibilities, or if you’ve got a similar community that would like to benefit by being alongside others we invite you – with no strings attached – to check out and support this idea by your presence, activity and idling! Come build a new experience while keeping your own intact, feel free to ask dox any questions you might have about it.

Team Fortress 2 Re-Entry with Kaylus

cc-article-tf2-kaylusLast, but certainly not least: we’d like to proudly announce another collaboration which circles around a familiar pasture. Since we began supporting Team Fortress 2 back in 2007 we’ve had a myriad of adventures that have taken us round and around everything from pubbing it up to professional activities for many years. After a bit of a gap and some false-starts we’d like to signal our intention today to formally get back in to the swing of things with the results of months of talks and collaboration with Kaylus who is joining us as “Director of TF2” to head up those initiatives. He had this to add:

Hey thank you Im so happy to join and so glad to become a part of Crack Clan and to start what should be an amazing adventure. I’m really looking forward to this collaboration and hope to make great things with Crack Clan.

Bonjour et merci je suis très heureux de rejoindre et de devenir un membre de Crack Clan. Je suis également très content de commencer ce qui devrait être une très belle aventure. J’ai hate de commencer cette collaboration et j’espère qu’on fera de grandes choses ensemble.

We’re looking forward to announcing future results of all of the above and are keen to figure out where we’re going for Gathering and what’s next for us with cc//TF2. Thanks again for reading!

We turn eighteen years old!

Happy BirthdayWell holy moly, who’d a thunk it? After mucking around for a while we formally named ourselves on May 4th 1998 and I certainly never imagined that 18 years later I’d be writing something like this.

It’s been very interesting to see how our gaming activities have changed over the years and I’m flooded with memories and reflections: my own life has become so intertwined with this organization that I simply can not fathom where I would be now without it, the connections run deep and strong. As always: thanks so much everyone for your support and participation, it’s been great turning grey with you guys and now that Crack Clan is of legal age I look forward to continuing to form this young adults life moving forward.

Has it been a while since you visited? You’re just two clicks from coming in to our text chat channel and saying hello – Happy Birthday everyone!! – cc//dox

Spring Update

Along with spring popping up, today’s update finds four updates to share with everyone that should coincide with the refreshing activity of cleaning out those garages.

Rainbow Six Siege Nights Expand

Rainbow 6: Siege has taken us from curiosity to proposition to full-on attention-grabbing. Not since Battlefield 4 nights (still ongoing) have we extended in to hosting two officials a week with such a title! We are thrilled to mention that Thursdays join Tuesdays as we continue to train on the nuances of the game and develop exciting tactics while discovering strategies to raise our game. It’s still open-invite and we welcome any player level but eyes are starting to set on competition so there’s some anticipation of new activities. You can follow some of our progress on this tracker image.

Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Continues

cc-d20-optFor over a year now we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of hosting D&D activity within our group delivering unique experiences and stretching the imagination and roleplay abilities of the participants. A change in schedule has moved the night to 9:00pm Eastern Time on Thursdays and has opened up the Hoard of the Dragon Queen stage for a new actor to appear 2-3 weeks from now. Please contact Smithy in Discord if you’d like to join or just find out more – only serious/dedicated applicants please (must dedicate 3hrs/week).

League of Legends Offering Planned

cc-lol-announce-optAs our competitive activity increases we’d also like to take the opportunity to announce a collaboration with “hi im guitar” who will be spearheading our League of Legends initiative. We’ve been throwing ideas around for a few months and with his help are no longer reeling at the possibilities but instead focused on bringing a few new things around, he had this to say:

“Hello everybody I’m guitar and I play League of Legends for almost 4 years now, on Diamond and Plat level for 3 of those. I was part of a variety of different teams (both casual and competitive) during this time, which was a grand experience, and now I want to help players create their own LoL story, be it competitive or casual, full teams or just some chilled dynamic queue. See you on the Rift Summoners ;)”

Another Gathering Gets Under Way

cc-gathering-globe-optLast – but certainly not least – it’s that time of year again: discussions have begun around our next annual Gathering, the annual event that this time will ring in our 18th year together. Proposals have varied from the North Dakota badlands through to the Rocky Mountains and all the way across to Iceland and Caribbean cruises. Join the discussion in Discord to help push it along!