Autumn Update

The leaves changing colour bring not just the end of summer but the start of a new gaming schedule for our group!  The last few months have featured a broad range of activity as some of us clobbered away at our growing queue of Steam games we haven’t played yet as well as hunkering down with a core group of titles that (caught or have kept) our attention.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds continues to capture imaginations to such a degree that our community has resisted the idea of a scheduled, regular night for the game: largely because they already play it every day!  We have a very large variety of gamers putting time in to PUBG throughout the day, if you’re looking for a good group to play with just pop in to our Discord server and send a message to dox (or post in #battlegrounds or #general) asking to be introduced and we’ll have you set up in short order with a group or partner that you can get tactical with.

Another regular activity is the constant amount of entertainment that the charismatic Overwatch title delivers to our try-pants-wearing-casual crack shots.  Still continuing to largely eschew competitive mode allows for a bunch of interactions and great mixing between our community members,  you can find any combination of our regulars like cc//Fast Eddie, cc//fuegoredux, cc//Rage, cc//Trashcanman and/or cc//Vengeance bouncing around and shooting their way through rounds with a really great group of visitors.  The good times keep pouring in, if you’re looking to see what the ‘try pants’ movement is about then follow same instructions as above, pop in to Discord and get started!

Beyond that, as we aim to complete and define our autumn gaming schedule we’ve got a couple of new nights popping up.  The first one “Free First Mondays” (working title) is an event that pops up on the first Monday of every month exclusively featuring free games.  This week we tried out Black Squad and will be announcing next months selection in the coming weeks.  Additionally we’ve got the beginning of a series of strictly tactical weekly events that will take participants through engagements in titles like Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Insurgency, Day of Infamy, Rainbow 6 Siege and more.

Hey, in case it’s not clear: everyone is welcome to these so just reach out and join in, there’s a lot of fun to be had!  We cater to career/family oriented adults that are looking for a competitive experience without the time sink – if you have your own requests and ideas we’re also very open to that, just get in touch.  See you in Discord!

Spring with RS2V, BF4, PUBG and OW

Historically speaking, the change in seasons seems to influence our group’s gaming choices, this one is no exception.  Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is the long-awaited realism shooter from Antimatter/Tripwire that delivers the Vietnam experience some of us have been waiting a long time for.  It places you within an asymmetrical campaign fighting in the trenched out jungles and destroyed hillsides with everything from Punji traps through to attack helicopters threatening you and your squad as you tackle objectives.  The title seems to be a natural attractant to our Red Orchestra veterans and newcomers alike, join us in game play and come visit our 64-man server for more action.

Our Battlefield 1 activity seems to have tapered off significantly but has been replaced by a re-return to Battlefield 4 – the game that’ll never give up!  It almost seems as if distance made our hearts grow fonder of the title and though we still host Battlefield Mondays (every Monday at 8:30pm ET.. for the last two years!) they now again feature fierce squad-based infantry battles, vehicular combat and the chasing of objectives which still entertains like no other.  Don’t hesitate to come in and play, we’re having a fantastic time!

No mention of our current gaming environment could be complete without a tip of the hat to Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds which has consumed the attention of our friendlists world-wide.  We haven’t launched a special night for PUBG because it is played every single day, it is a fantastic opportunity to sample our community: being able to pop in and spend 1-30 minutes with our long-time players is an absolute treat, with nearly everyone agreeing that it’s better played with a squad – please don’t hesitate and just connect with us and play a round.. or two.. or ten!

Last but not least, it appears we’ve somehow ended up with a really happy accident — it appears that a few gentlemen who were wrinkling their nose at the ludicrous toxicity present within Overwatch’s competitive mode have banded together to bring their own kind of positivism in to the game with what appears to be a really stable roster!  Though the group only formally assembles on Tuesday nights we’ve had months of the same guys playing together and raising their game nearly daily; it’s been a pleasure and an honour to experience such a broad mix and watch it get stronger from newcomers to veterans and even founders!  We’ve seen: dox, Fast Eddie (Junabit!), FuegoRedux, g00se, Rage, Tezlin, Trashcanman, Vengeance and more regularly show up to enjoy putting rounds in — we’ve room for more as we seem to be building up to hosting internal events with our first 1v1 tournament today so come on by!

That’s the top of the pile of news in any case – if you’re a career/family oriented gamer and seek like-minded, drama-free experiences on a schedule that doesn’t run your life then please pop in and say hello, we’d love to meet more of you!

Happy 19th Birthday Crack Clan!

Wow, these just keep on coming — another milestone passed on the calendar! This one marked by even more exciting adventures on and off line.. always I find myself eschewing thoughts of lightsabers and wookies in lieu of reflecting upon what an incredible real life journey this has all been. This reflection is often accompanied by a surprised laughing-out-loud at the absolutely unlikely twists that life presents: back in 1998 did I ever consider that playing a single video game with some guys would launch nearly two decades of amazing experiences, serve as a source of some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had and catalyze an annual trek to somewhere on the planet to share drinks, meals and trade war stories? Nope!

And so, with gushing juiciness: thank you all for building another year together, from the double digit veterans through to the newly appointed, the staff and the rejected, the teammates and the opponents. It’s an unprecedented path and I hope it never ends as we continue reap the rewards of the insight and experience gained from getting together and wearing try pants.

Much love,

Welcome to 2017, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Crack Clan!We’d like to wish you all the best in 2017 from us to you and hope this year will be the best you’ve ever had!  In typical Crack Clan fashion we rung in the new year at the tail end of a bunch of boisterous gaming over the holiday season with Steam sales bringing us all types of new adventures and an opportunity to mash out some good gaming with our buddies. Also, as we do most years, we treated each other to another annual Secret Santa event where names were drawn for clan mates to find something special for each other, package it up and mail it in time for the holidays – this year was a truly epic one, just look at some of these!

This next year promises to be yet another amazing one as we complete our 19th year together and continue to be entertained by great games, teamwork and good times. Thanks everyone for a great 2016, we look forward to more Battlefield, Siege, GTA, Survival games, one offs, feats of strength, gatherings and more with you – don’t forget to hang out in Discord and bring your friends (