Crack Clan 42

Games are better with a great team

Come play with us now in Discord and enjoy one of the world's most stable and unique groups!

Current campaigns

  • Battlefield 2042 - Delivering community and competitive campaigns since 1942, we are known for world-class performances as well as building and delivering community experiences. Don't play alone, experience the perfect storm of teamwork.
  • New World - Currently seeking likeminded players for leveling, endgame and PvP as we are working on building a strong working atmosphere to hit the ground running at release.

character & camaraderie

For over 23 years we have hosted gamers and created experiences across amateur, semi-pro and professional arenas. We are an organized, goal-oriented group that carries rare, deep experience and caters to several levels of play. Our collective background and wisdom directly contribute toward a unique environment that doesn't get mired in the usual hangups of clan life.