Month: September 2008

REDvBLU: Week 1 Summary

“The incredible teamwork exhibited by both teams embodied both the spirit and skill of Crack Clan” (cc//Atra). What better way to describe the first week of competition in Crack Clan’s Internal Red v Blu Tournament! Each team played well, fought hard, learned a lot, and most importantly had a lot of fun. There were many laughs, certainly some rage, plenty of trash talking and new experiences for everyone.

REDvBLU: internal TF2 tournament

After several internal tournaments that featured COD4 we are launching our first non-LAN TF2 tournament this week with almost thirty participants across two continents vying for their team, the title and the winning prize of some copies of Left4Dead!

In the past we’ve run competitions for CrackClan members, our most recent was held at the i34 LAN where cc//Cookies ended up walking away with a new Razer keyboard and the title of ‘Legacy’ in a 1v1 COD4 tournament.  This time we’re kicking things up a notch to handle larger engagements and give TF2 the attention it’s earned in the eleven months that it has spent on our screens.

We will offer some continuing coverage on our web site as RED and BLU, European and North American teams meet on cp_granary this Thursday to begin notching up the first wins and losses of the tournament.  It’s meant to last a few weeks so it should be a battle like no other!  Good luck to all participants!


i-34 has come and gone, we had a sensational time, putting names to the faces from the voices we’ve heard many time before on Ventrilo it was a pleasure and we thank you all for attending! As i-Series is the UK’s Largest LAN Party, where thousands of gamers from all around the UK, Europe and beyond gather together for a weekend of gaming, socializing etc, we’ve decided to go for it again, although we know it will not be as big as i34 being in the middle of the summer, but we’re feeling the mood for a cheeky little weekend of gaming. If you’re not up to anything and would like to team up with the members that are already going to i35 you’re more than welcome!

“Once again Multiplay is putting up the cash for a Call of Duty 4 tournament, with €6,000 up for grabs!Building on the success of our previous tournaments we’re sending the troops out on another sortie as we bring the infamous CoD4 tournament back”