Month: October 2008

ESL Major Series

With European qualifiers nearing an end, Season 3 of the ESL Major Series looks to get underway. With the large number of teams applying there will be two qualifying rounds to reduce the numbers and means that only the best of the best will compete in the EMS Season 3.

cc//css Weekly Round-up 13/10/08

Match Reports

A mixed set of results for the cc// CS:S team this week, but hopefully taking some ideas from their matches to put into action against teams in some upcoming tournaments.

Defeated by n!faculty

The week started badly with a defeat to the German outfit “n!faculty” 19-11,   on de_inferno, in the Clanbase cup. With n!faculty being the strongest opponents in the group this was an important match to win, but after winning CT 11-4 n!faculty showed their German efficiency in sweeping cc// away 15-0 in the second half.

cc//age of chivalry servers

On the heels of the success of our first Steam Mod server launch we’ve got some servers running the Age of Chivalry mod which is also freely available in your Steam Games list.  This is a unique melee-heavy modification which features medieval objective-based combat pitting two factions against one another in a bloody brawl that includes storming castles, aiming and firing catapaults, using siege engines, clubbing people over the head with spiky maces or firing arrows from the ramparts at the approaching horde.  It’s fantastic fun especially when played in properly communicating groups that follow the arrow, it’s also got an interesting manual/storyline which could help get you started.  Our first AOC has been completely full for a full week so we’re opening another in hopes that it entertains you as much as the first one does!

Try out any two of our London, UK based Age of Chivalry servers:

  • – Chivalry is not dead
  • – Medieval Banquet

cc//Zombie Panic servers launched

Imagine being stuck in a post-apocalyptic setting, just you, some friends, a pistol with a few rounds and whatever else you can find lying around you to defend yourself from an advancing horde of zombies intent on bringing you over to the side of the undead.  Zombie Panic! is one of the (free) mods that are being showcased on Steam right now and the response is overwhelming!  We’ve got two servers up for you to try out, just remember: Communicate, stick together, save your ammunition and share – it’s the only way you’ll be able to survive!

Try out any of our two London, UK based servers: