Month: October 2008

watch out for that train! (red v blu week 2 summary)

Another week has passed with the Crack Clan Red v Blu internal tournament. This week provided similar results with Blue having a commanding lead over Red. There was certainly a lot of fun, teamwork, and communication exhibited, as well as many deaths by train. Another well played game by both sides!

Crack Clan CSS in the EuroCup

Crack Clan have been drawn into Group H of the ClanBase EuroCup XVIII and face tough competition from the German outfit n!facultyTagan in the first match of the cup Monday night on de_contra. The other teams in the group are dvotion and Freelance,  SourceTV information will be announced at Clanbase before the match on Monday at 21:00CET.

The EuroCup is a 32 Team competition with the teams split into 8 groups of 4. With some top teams involved it will be up to cc// to pick up their game, put last June’s semi-final defeat behind them and hopefully pick up the cup this season.

Updates on the score will follow.

cc//cod4 vs UPS in Insidiae Cup

Tonight at 21.00CET our Call of Duty 4 team takes on UPS Gaming in the group stage of the Insidae Cup. After being seeded 6th, we’ve been drawn with both UPS and #re-play as well as eskape who have unfortunately dropped out in the first stage of this competition, which offers a number of SteelSeries products on offer for 1st place! Tonight’s match will take place on mp_backlot!

cc// Win First Match of Clanbase EuroCup XVIII

A few weeks ago, Clanbase announced the groups for the COD4 Eurocup. With a total of twenty-four teams competing through four groups of six teams. Crack Clan have been placed in a somewhat difficult group with strong teams with the likes Reason Gaming and Serious Gaming.