Month: November 2008

cc// css Round-up and Fixtures


It’s been a busy week for Crack Clan with a lot of competitions nearing the end, it was up to cc// to keep their composure and focus to go through to the finals.


After beating Solaris 16 -3 Crack Clan have qualified for the ESL.France LAN finals in January and will be only competing for the final online position which determines the seedings for the finals. Crack are currently lying in 3rd place with 10 points, 2 points below VeryGames and RedLine; our next two opponents.


The 21-9 victory against Rush3D on the 27th means that Crack Clan have qualified from the group stages of the ESL along with mTw, who we face in the last groupstage match in the coming week.

Clanbase Euro Cup

With emphatic victories against GIAL and forZe in the quarter and semi-finals Crack find themselves in the upper bracket final against strong side Reason Gaming.

Eurokrieg Winter Cup

After beating Overgame, MultiGamer and fm!!toxic in the earlier lower bracket rounds, Crack find themselves yet again facing Reason Gaming in the Lower Bracket Semi-Final with the winner going on to face Team Verygames in the lower bracket final.

Read on for the fixture details..

Crack Clan faces 4Kings in the EDTF2L grand final

This competition is coming to an end with our very own Crack Clan facing off against 4Kings to grab the winning spot during the Grand Final on Tuesday November 25th, 2008.  You’ll be able to tune in to ETF2L radio or watch the SourceTV and watch what promises to be an outstanding match full of exciting moments.  You can also head to the news post or the enemy down announcement page to see what kind of comments are being thrown about.  Good luck to all on Tuesday!

Crack Clan CSS with roster changes

After picking up the former Epsilon CounterStrike: Source squad with the launch of our professional division in September 2009 and a disappointing performance at MaxLAN, we have decided that it is now the time to make a roster change with the view towards the 2009 LAN season. We are pleased to announce the addition of Damien “Malek” Marcel to our line-up. Coming from H2k-Gaming, Malek, 22, was part of their lineup with current Crack Clan player crZ which placed 2nd at Lan79. We also have to announce the departure of Vincent “EMSTQD” Cervoni, who is unable to dedicate the time required by the team to prepare for the upcoming season. We would like to wish EMSTQD the best of luck with his future endevours and hope for many successes with Malek!

Team Manager Marc “Virp” Corban:

“After two long and great years of co-operation with Vincent “EMSTQD” Cervoni we have decided to stop our adventure with him because of his schedule which could no longer work with the team. Our disappointing result at MaxLAN was a collective failure and the reason for his departure has no link to our result there. We wish him good luck for his eSport career. We are pleased to announce the addition of Damien “Malek” Marcel to our team! Malek is an idiomatic player in the French CSS scene, and was instrumental in H2k’s amazing season where they placed 1st in EMS I and 2nd at Lan79. His experience and his talent will be beneficial for us. We now have a few months in order to prepare ourselves for the 2009 LAN season.”

cc//L4D Launch Party

Some of us have been excitedly awaiting the full release of this title especially since wearing the demo ragged and torn through all scenarios on all difficulty settings with a different mix of players several times over.  Though the title might not be what everyone is looking for in a video game we’ve got a surprising amount of interest (and even converts who hated it but were won over by the demo), enough such that we are planning a day-long release party to satisfy the ghoulish itch that the demo planted on us.  Release day will feature several organized cc//L4D events arranged both via the in-game matchmaker and our dedicated server which will host more controlled, private affairs.  There might be some random giveaways as well – so don’t delay, calling all casual, amateur and professional Crack Clan members: hop on in to our Ventrilo on release day and enter the L4D channels to get matched up and enjoy the title as it’s meant to be enjoyed!  See you there!