Month: December 2008

Crack Clan Announces New CSS Roster

After recently removing our previous CounterStrike: Source lineup, Crack Clan is now able to announce their replacements. Previously known as Heroes, this all-star lineup was born out of the ashes of the Championship Gaming Series, with the aim of competing in the UKESA and at all the major European LAN events, which we will enable them to do. After deciding to remove our previous team we had hoped to add a UK team to our organization and as such had no hesitation about picking up Heroes knowing that a team of this calibre was available.

Richard “ritch” Gibbs & Lewis “Hughsy” Hughes both come from London Mint, whilst former fm! toxic pair Thomas “beta” Hanna & Jim “Mx” Smale had represented London Mint in Season 1, or been cited as a possible addition for next season respectively. The final member of the team Erik “HaZ” Holm is also no stranger to the players, playing for CGS rivals Stockholm Magnetik.
We would like to wish the team the best of luck and hope for a successful 2009 season.

Richard “ritch” Gibbs had the following to say on their move to Crack Clan:
“After searching for the right organisation for almost a month now we have finally found the organisation that we are completely happy to play for, Crack Clan. Everything has been smooth and everyone involved with Crack has been extremely helpful and answered any questions we have had. I believe 2009 will be a huge year for ourselves and Crack Clan – I am extremely excited about this whole new fresh start with a new organisation and some new players. We’ll be aiming to attend every LAN possible and get some great results. I want to thank the Crack Management for giving us this opportunity to be a part of this.”

Crack Clan CS:S is as follows:
Richard “ritch” Gibbs
Thomas “beta” Hanna
Erik “HaZ” Holm
Lewis “Hughsy” Hughes
Jim “Mx” Smale

Crack Clan removes CSS Pro Division

Crack Clan announce that after joining us in September with the launch of our professional division that we are now removing our CounterStrike: Source team. Things were looking up after a poor performance at MaxLAN after the addition of Damien “MaleK” Marcel to the lineup, with the team reaching the latter stages of the Enemy Down Winter Eurokrieg and the Upper Bracket Final of the Clanbase EuroCup. Unfortunately internal complications have meant that more lineup changes would be required and this progress would have been lost. With the start of the 2009 season fast approaching Crack Clan are looking at it with an eager, optimistic eye and as such will be announcing our new CounterStrike: Source lineup in the next few days.

We would like to thank the players for their efforts and wish them good luck with their future projects.

Crack Clan CS:S was:
Marc “Virp” Corban – Team Manager
Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans – Team Captain
Floran “crZ” Thoumelin
Ludovic “Shokkk” Martin
Thibaud “Tac” Laganne
Damien “MaleK” Marcel

cc//cod4 at The Gameland

This weekend Crack Clan’s Call of Duty 4 team will be competing at The Gameland LAN in the Auditorium Parco della Musica in the North of Rome, Italy. With 32 of the top European & Italian teams in attendance and competing for a part of €13,300, our side will have their work cut-out, especially as last minute problems have meant that Tigii is unable to attend the event. Thankfully, Reason Gaming have allowed us to use RaigeKi at this event as we look for a podium finish. €6000 is on offer for first place, and we will be competing with the likes of Team Dignitas, ButtonBashers and eSuba for the title.

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