Month: January 2009

TF2 team starts the year 2009 with charged batteries (and mediguns)

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here and the front page has recently been dominated by CS:S news so I thought it’s time to change that. Our TF2 pro squad has had a pretty long break in December since our guys were busy with real lives and I think we all needed a small break to renew our motivation. Now we are back in action and the first results from the new year are looking really promising.

A week ago, we kicked off the games again by participating the ETF2L TFTrue cup.  It was only a small one-night cup to test the new version of the TF2 promod, but the results we got right after our long break were surprisingly good.  We made our way all the way to the final by beating plan-B, Druidz and 4Kings. Unfortunately the reigning ETF2L champions Übersexuals proved to be too tough on gravelpit that day and we lost both rounds on the final to them.

amateur roster update

We thought we’d introduce some of our recent amateur-level acquisitions in order to give you deeper insight as to what’s cooking ’round the campfire.

cc//coucho – Carrying both Soldier and Demolition Man skills, this Dutch player has become a valuable asset to the team.

cc//T_Patch – Hailing from Dallas, Texas T_Patch likes his military history and is now participating in battles alongside the rest of the RO crew.
cc//Tommy – Another European addition, Tommy was a part of 5th GTA along with cc//Silencer, cc//Clumsy and cc//Onesimus who carry experience from previous realism campaigns in the game.
cc//Siphi – A former Animal Clan member has impressed all with his attitude and positive team skills.

cc//UniQuE – Coming to us from the UK, UniQuE is competently shouldering the task of building up a new COD4 squad and we’re excited to see the developments that are coming out of his efforts.

cc//Killabadboy – Also from the UK and helping UniQuE in building this division.

That sums it up for now despite some speculation that seems to have been floating around; naturally we appreciate the attention since we do occasionally have openings on our amateur teams that need to be filled (currently looking for two NA and two EU based TF2 players for example, plus: interested EU COD4 players should get in touch with cc//UniQuE + cc//Killabadboy). No, we have never had, don’t currently have nor plan to have some kind of ‘academy’ team. We have no intention of training players for entry in to the professional scene. Amateur-level recruits go through a recruitment phase where they are evaluated by their division and researched by our anti-cheat staff while wearing cc|| recruit tags (as opposed to cc// member tags). A majority of this evaluation phase involves judging overall chemistry with existing team elements which results in a skill-positive, low-turnover environment that also allows us to march forward for as long as we have.

cc//TF2 adds Punpu

With our Team Fortress 2 team’s return to activity after their Christmas break, we can announce one change to our lineup with the addition of Tuomas “Punpu” Kunnamo, 19. Previously playing for Oslo Lions and Blood Pressure, Punpu knows our team already, being part of Team Finland which won the ETF2L Nations Cup. Considered one of the best soldiers in Europe, we couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to add another talented player to our lineup, which will be competing in Season 4 of both the ETF2L Premier Division and Enemy Down TF2 Premier League.