Month: February 2009

Crack Unveils Top CS 1.6 Team!

Crack Clan is proud to announce the acquisition of top CounterStrike 1.6 team Gameplay. After the closure of their previous organization, the team has been searching for a new organization and Crack Clan is thrilled to announce a deal which will see this talented and renowned team competing as Crack! at a number of upcoming events, starting with next week’s ESL Extreme Masters III Finals in Hanover, Germany. The team will be flying to Germany on Saturday to bootcamp prior to the event, hoping to replicate their previous performances under the Gameplay and Roccat brands which have consistently seen them place in the top 5 teams in the world. Their most recent results have seen them place 3rd at ESL EM Dubai, 5-6th at ESL EM Los Angeles, 5th at last season’s Extreme Masters II Finals, 2nd at the NGL One 2008 Finals, and 5th at Kode5 Finals 2008. They also placed 5th at ESWC 2007 and 1st at WSVG Louisville.

Crack Clan Director of Professional Gaming Luke Cotton gave the following statement:
“I’m thrilled to have a team of such a high calibre as Gameplay representing Crack as we look to establish ourselves amongst the higher echelon of professional gaming teams. Having a world class CounterStrike team such as this can only be advantageous for us and I’m looking forward to working with such a talented group of players whose professionalism has been equally excellent both in their recent performances and out of game.”

Team Leader Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen had the following to say on the move:
“After looking for a new organisation for the last couple of months I can finally say the search is over for us as we’re joining Crack! Unfortunately at the same time we’re letting go of Max “ruuit” Aspe who has been with us for nearly three years, but sadly couldn’t put in as much time anymore as the rest of us wanted to.”

Crack! CS 1.6 are:

  • Tomi “lurppis” Kovanen
  • Samu “plastE” Aalto
  • Niko “naSu” Kovanen
  • Juuso “contE” Sajakoski
  • Matti “SPIKEONE” Järvinen

cc// in UKeSA Premiership: Week Two

After our CounterStrike: Source and Call of Duty 4 teams opened their UKeSA Premiership campaigns last week, tonight sees our Team Fortress 2 team kick off their season and our Call of Duty 4 squad try to repeat their winning ways!

Our Team Fortress 2 team will take on Weapons of the Rebellion on fastlane & turbine. Last time we met, 2 weeks ago in ETF2L, wotr managed to defeat us on turbine, but the team have been working hard and put in some fantastic results recently, and will look to continue that tonight and go into the match as favourites, despite wotr’s 4-0 victory over nervous in week one! quadV may be casting, but to be certain of seeing the match, tune in on Source TV at at 20.00GMT!

Our Call of Duty 4 team took a 19-5 win over Trademark Gamers on mp_crash on Tuesday to top the table, after availability problems meant TmG were unable to play on Thursday. This week the competition should be tougher, with Team Coolermaster’s reformed lineup with tw!st and robyYE added, and they managed to defeat Reason 13-11 last week. mp_strike will be the location for this week’s game, kicking off at 21.00GMT!

Jasdev “JUSZN” Virdee – Pre-match statement:
“The masters of cooling, i guess we’ll find out just how COOL they are on mp_strike ! =D Looking forward to this game, some really good friends on the opposing team, so the atmosphere will be great, but the competition will be fierce no doubt. Strike is one of our strongest maps, so i don’t really see it being a problem but they won’t make it easy on us, See you guys inside the server ! 1<3”

cc//tf2 in ESL Major Series Upper Bracket Final

Tomorrow night at 21.15CET, our Team Fortress 2 team will take on Trademark Gamers in the Upper Bracket Final of the ESL Major Series. After beating Team Druidz, redLine and Complexity in the competition already our team are in good form, but many have said that we’ve had the easier side of the bracket so far. Nevertheless, the team ran out 2-0 winners against TmG lastnight, and will hope to replicate that in this match. Gravelpit and Granary will be the maps, and you can watch the game either on sourceTV: or on quadV or

cc//css live on quadV in UKeSA Premiership Week One!

Tonight sees Crack Clan’s professional CounterStrike: Source and Call of Duty 4 squads kick off their campaign in the Dell XPS UKeSA Premiership, with quadV bringing you live coverage of both matches!

Our CounterStrike: Source team will kick off their campaign against Team CoolerMaster at 20.00GMT on de_inferno, with Jay Atkins bringing live coverage on quadV TV 1! Our practise schedule has only just started but we’ll still be hoping to kick the season off with a bang and come away with a victory here. We know our opponents well, especially hudzG as he played with Ritch & Hughsy last season in theCGS and won’t be taking them lightly. TCM is another team with great potential but we’ll be looking to get one over them here!

Our Call of Duty 4 team also play at 20.00GMT, on quadV TV 3 with Deman and TosspoT. Trademark Gamers will be our first opponent in this inaugural UKeSA season, and we’ll be meeting them on mp_crash. TmG will be looking to prove their doubters wrong as many cited them as the surprise selection for the Premiership but we won’t be doing them any favours. We’re looking to start strong as this is our line-up’s first official game as Crack Clan and with solz, and then continue well through the season!

Update: TmG are unable to field 5 players tonight so we have agreed to reschedule the match.