Month: March 2009

ETF2L Season 4 Final and beyond!

This season of gaming is almost finished for cc//TF2, and it’s definitely going to come together with a bang! On Monday, the ETF2L Season 4 Finals will commence with another exciting match between Team Dignitas and Crack Clan! Regrettably, Crack Clan is a bit behind Dignitas coming into the final matches. They are required to get at least five more points to jostle into first place, and since each map win gains the team three points, cc// has to net themselves two mapwins. The maps for this match will be Granary and Well, and will offer an awesome battleground for the two best teams in Europe! This final match will take place on March 30th at 22:00 CET, and will be followed once more by both Pwnage and QuadV.

As stated before this match will wrap up this season for the professional team, and they will take this opportunity to get ready for an upcoming exciting event: the UKeSA LAN Finals! Our team recently fought their way into 3rd place, allowing further entrance into the LAN Finals. A release on the Enemy Down website states, “The United Kingdom eSports Association (UKeSA) Season One Grand Finals will take place from May 23-25, 2009 at a yet to be disclosed venue in central London.” This will be the team’s second lan together, their first being the PCGAMER lan in 2008

Preparation for the UKeSA LAN Finals includes moving cc//snifz back to the main roster, unfortunately Punpu will not be able to attend the LAN due to educational responsibilities and we wish him good luck with this.

EDIT: cc// played their match vs. Team Dignitas this Monday, and ended up tieing, each team taking one map a piece. Thus, Dignitas takes the ETF2L title. As per usual, demos are on Cadred and the shoutcasts are on Pwnage and QuadV

cc//TF2 EMS Grand Final

ESL Major Series Season III has finally come to an end for our Professional TF2 team. On Tuesday evening cc// and Dignitas clashed once more. Dignitas took a commanding point lead in both Granary and Badlands which Crack Clan was unable to recover from. If you’ve been following the EMS Major Series you’ll know that Dignitas was beaten early on in the double-elimination tournament by Trademark Gamers. Team Dignitas came up from the lower bracket against Crack Clan in the finals, winning their two matches and giving them the prize! Well played and congratulations to Team Dignitas on winning the EMS Major Series Season III Finals! A huge congratulations also goes out to Crack Clan for making it so far in, and providing such an awesome set of final matches! Well done, boys!

The shoutcasts will be available on both Pwnage and QuadV, and you can snatch up the STV demos from Cadred when they’re available!

cc// ESL update!

EMS Season III only has one match left! Last week we announced the rivalry matchup between Dignitas and Crack Clan. These two teams, recognized as the best in Europe, clashed this Monday at 20:00 GMT. Dignitas is coming from the lower bracket and are required to get two wins in a row against Crack Clan. Unfortunately for cc//, Dignitas lived up to their 1st place ranking on Cadred Monday night and beat cc// 2-0 with wins on both Granary and Well. Both teams displayed amazing amounts of teamwork and skill throughout this match, and it had some of the most intense mid-point battles ever seen. We’ll know the final outcome of the EMS Season III playoffs after the second match between these two titans, I have no doubt that the second match will be even more interesting than the first!

If you missed it, shame on you! You can see the shoutcasted matches at both and and get the demos from these cadred pages.

EDIT: The grand finale to EMS Season III will be held on Tuesday, 24/03/09 at 21:00. The teams have a little less than a week to prepare for their second battle. The maps have also been decided: Badlands, Granary and a decider map of Turbine! Best of luck to both Dignitas and Crack Clan!

Crack Clan cs1.6 WINS Inferno Online

This weekend our CounterStrike 1.6 team will be competing at the Inferno Online Finals in Stockholm, Sweden. The team will be playing in the second half of the tournament, so their games will start at 9am on Sunday morning. The winner of day 2 will play against the winner of day 1 in the grand final. We’ve been drawn in a group with adubbelvepe, iNETKRiGARE & madeforthis, and following that the top 2 teams in each group will be a single elimination knockout stage. It’s not yet known whether the knockout will be bo3 or bo1 other than the Grand Final which will be best of 3 maps.

The prize for 1st place is 30,000SEK and a qualifying slot to the IOL finals, where the 4 competition’s winners will compete (the date of which is still to be announced).

The team have arrived in Stockholm and are bootcamping at the centre thanks to budak from IOS, and for up to date updates you should follow us on twitter. You can see how the tournament unfolds on the Inferno Online site, and HLTV ip’s will be available on

Update: Our team came through the tournament undefeated to take home the first place prize, beating Lemondogs (a mixteam of former SK Gaming players) in the final 16-7 and 16-4.