Month: May 2009

cc//interview with the HALO3 team

cc_short_interview_h3_prosGreetings readers! With the recent announcement that Crack Clan is expanding in to the ‘console world’ I thought I’d gather together our new HALO 3 professional team and put them in the hot seat for a little while. I hope you enjoy this piece and take me up on an invitation to follow up and comment on this article with additional questions or suggestions.

dox: Welcome gentlemen, I’ll try to keep it short as I know that I’m likely taking you away from practice and it’s generally laborious to select those characters with the analog stick and hitting the “start” key to send 🙂 Tell me: Surely you’ve met PC snobs that sneer at playing FPS titles with an Xbox controller, how do you respond to those people and do you think given the opportunity that it is in any way superior to a PC-based mouse/keyboard configuration?

BUK 57: We’ve come across a few PC guys that hate on us but there are console guys that do the same back so it’s cool.  To be honest we can’t really compare the two, none of us have played any PC games at a competitive level so anything we say will be biased.

cc//announces new 1.6 team

cc_banner_cs16After just over one month out of the CounterStrike 1.6 scene, cc// are now able to announce our return with the arrival of rootz! With 3 of our previous players returning to cc//, the addition of the most accomplished Finnish CounterStrike player and an upcoming star we’re confident that this team has more than enough potential to compete with the best in the world.

Joona “natu” Leppanen makes his return to CS to lead the team having previously represented Roccat, 4Kings and mTw, and he is joined by a number of well known faces. Niko “naSu” Kovanen and Matti “SPIKEONE” Jarvinen return after most recently representing Crack Clan at ESL Extreme Masters, whilst Tino “tihOp” Puumala also rejoins after a brief spell under the cc// tags. He has also represented astralis and Roccat. Miikka “dRiim” Toroi is an upcoming star who has put in some great performances such as at the Dreamhack Finnish Qualifier which the team won last weekend, and we’re fully confident that he will develop into a top player.

The team will make its first appearances as cc// at the upcoming Dreamhack Summer event and at GameGune.

cc//beta site launch

cc_beta_site_launchCelebrating eleven years, expanding our professional ventures and generally feeling good we decided that it’s been a long time coming but that we deserved a bit of a face-lift.

We’re calling this a beta because we expect bugs and we’d like to burn-in some of the new features that appeared during the alpha stage with a wider audience before adding the others that are being polished off. What we’ve got for you here represents several new components:

Front page and forum integration: Log in from the front page, post comments, participate in the forums all without having to do it twice.

New Score Ticker: Updated more regularly and more accurately it now also carries the ability for discussion, external links, screenshots and demo downloads all from one neat place.

SourceTV: When we’re in battle you’ll know about it and be able to jump in to the action with just one click (it also features our own new 200+ person SourceTV server)

CrackTV: Along with our friends at QuadV (our favourite source for providing quality and dedicated LIVE audio and video streaming as well as commentary of online and LAN based tournaments from all over the world) we’re going to be pushing out video content to keep you entertained – keep your eye out for this, we’ll be adding more in the coming days!

Calendar: What’s going on, where it’s happening and when to tune in for events, as we pour more events in to it you’ll be able to follow us much more easily than ever before!

..and there’s more! Look forward to a new roster page, a files section from where you can lift the players’ configs and full integration with a community tab that will easily allow you to switch between the two sides of our organization.

cc//css to fold

Over the past few days it has become apparent that there have been major problems within the Crack Clan CounterStrike: Source line-up which has meant that our team will fold after the EPS Season II finals. These problems came out of the blue and were not expected at all as we had planned to support this team throughout the summer LAN season. After these issues we began the process of making roster changes and believed that we had finalised a new roster which then dissolved before it could be announced.

We are currently looking at the possibility of continuing in both UKeSA and the EPS until the end of both seasons with our line-up seeing as we are currently placed 1st in both competitions. In order to do this we will be looking for an eligible 5th player for both events as Erik “HaZ” Holm is going inactive and Henry “HenryG” Greer has left the team to be replaced by Jim “Mx” Smale who returns to our starting roster. This will effectively mean the line up will officially dissolve after the EPS finals in July.

What has happened has left a bitter taste in our mouth after everything that has happened but we are sill open to the possibility of supporting a CS:S team in the future should a suitable opportunity arise.
cc// will be announcing new teams in different games as we look to expand; a new website is due along with the announcement of several new side projects in the coming months. For now we are exploring the possibility of continuing in the aforementioned leagues.