Month: May 2009

cc// goes console

After reaching our milestone 11th birthday earlier this week, Crack Clan can now announce our next evolution with the announcement that we will be branching out into the console market! After the team’s first place finish at Multiplay i36, there was no question that the former Team Infused Halo 3 team would be the best possible representative for cc// in our move into the console community. However, 2 of the players decided to go inactive after i36 and for that reason we can also welcome the BUK twins from The Imperial who will be completing our 4 man lineup. They both placed 3rd at i36 and are fast proving themselves to be 2 of the top upcoming players in the Halo3 scene, also picking up 2nd place at XL6. The team will be competing at Multiplay i37, as well as any other major UK and European Halo events which are announced.

Team Captain Stefan “MVP” Djordjevic had the following to say on the team’s move:
“We’re all really looking forward to representing cc// at Halo 3 events across Europe for the rest of the year. After picking up the twins, our team can practice a lot more and coming straight off our first big win at the i36 Halo 3 4v4 event, our team couldn’t be more confident. We hope we can do the team proud throughout the rest of the season.”

Crack Clan Halo 3 will be as follows:
Stefan “MVP” Djordjevic
Eddie “ReactioN” Leck
Will “BUK 57” Buck
Alex “BUK 20” Buck

Crack Clan Celebrates 11 Years

Eleven years ago today a group of gamers from Toronto, Montreal and New York City decided to form up under the Crack Clan name in order to reap the anticipated benefits of creating something where the whole is larger than the sum of its parts.  Never in our wildest dreams could we have predicted that eleven years later we would not only still be here but that our membership would span continents, that our founding ideals would remain largely intact and that we would be competitive across several arenas including professional ones.

Many thanks go out to our members who have generously donated countless hours aiding in the realization of our vision and continuing to fight where all others have failed.  To our fans, opponents and supporters who have made it worthwhile and created a scene which is a superpower in the world of entertainment; we thank you.  None of this would have been possible without all of these elements and much more; we eagerly look forward to another incredible year of community and competitive excellence together!

cc// css at Lan79!

This weekend our CounterStrike: Source team are competing at Lan79 in Breissure, France alongside all of Europe’s top teams. Coming into this event off the back of 2nd place at The Gadget Show, where we became the first team to beat European number 1 Verygames on LAN we are quietly confident of a good performance. However, we haven’t had as much practise for the event as we would have liked due to replacing Mx with HenryG after The Gadget Show. We’ll bring you updates throughout the event, and for up to date information you can follow us on Twitter.

Update 1: We passed through the groupstage undefeated, without really being challenged. Waiting for the rest of the groups to finish so we learn who we’ll play in the knockout stage, and when.

Update 2: We won the first 2 games without any problems. However, trouble ensued against ALTERNATE, who won the first half of Nuke 14-1 after winning the cointoss and starting CT. However, our boys did the unthinkable and won the second half 15-0 to take the victory. We will now play RedLine or Reason, and our  best guess at a starting time is 22.30GMT, 1h30m from now.

Update 3: We started the day with a poor performance against Reason on tuscan. This time we couldn’t do anywhere near enough to come back after a poor first half, and went down 16-6. We then faced 4Kings on dust2, and destroyed their hopes of a repeat of iSeries on the same map, winning inferno 16-7. We’ll now face RedLine who just beat Dignitas to decide who makes their way onto the podium.

Update 4: RedLine were better on the day and came away with a 16-7 victory, leaving us in 4th position. Not what we were looking for, but amongst a strong field of teams there are a number of big names beneath us.