Month: July 2009

cc//Natu Blogs from Gamegune, Day 1

Hello everyone and welcome to my Gamegune 2009 blog! My name is Joona or natu as they call me and I’m going to be blogging on site throughout the event. We’ve only just settled in at the city of Bilbao but let’s go 13 hours back in time…!

My beloved alarm went off at 6am, which is an ungodly hour to wake up at. An exception to a certain rule was made as I had already packed everything ready the night before our departure – least thanks to myself, mostly thanks to a certain female who gave me no slack on the matter : (. My journey started at 7:10am sharp as my friend Hannu was waiting downstairs for me to hop into his car for an hour drive to the Helsinki-Vantaa international airport. After a brief stop at a gas station midway through, which involved a little coffee and gasoline, I was already at the airport where I found rest of the crew already waiting for me. As shocking as it may sound, everyone looked very tired and ready for some sleep on the planes : ). I mean gamers are often known to be people who haven’t slept a minute around this time in the morning and most of our team hadn’t due to excessive amounts of counter-strike the night before!

cc//H3 nominated for eSports Award

haloThis afternoon the nominations for the eSports Award 2009 have been announced, with our Halo 3 team being nominated as one of the Consoles Teams of the Year. Recently winning MilkLAN, UKeSA and i36, the side have been in great form to assert themselves as the number 1 Halo team in Europe. They aren’t the only Halo team nominated, as recent MLG winners Str8 Rippin join them, Dignitas’ COD4, Infinity Gears of War and MoB Rage Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The winners will be announced at  Gamescom in Germany on August 22nd.

We’d like to congratulate our team and they are currently practising hard for the upcoming Multiplay i37 event in August.

cc//TF2 roster changes

This summer we’re implementing some changes to our Professional TF2 line up which up until now has been the most consistent in the entire scene. These swaps take immediate effect just in time for the chemistry to gel for The Assembly LAN TF2 3D challenge in Helsinki this August.

With Punpu leaving to spend time in the Finnish Army we hand the helmet over to snifz and put him back in to the soldier’s shoes, he had the following to say about the new footwear: “It’s good to be back in the main lineup once again, just need to get the rust off me 🙂 ..and I know they are big shoes I need to fill ;)”

MVP’s MilkLAN Blog

haloAfter our Halo 3 team’s recent success in winning MilkLAN #2 this past weekend in Paris, France, our Team Captain Stefan “MVP” Djordjevic decided to write a blog recounting the weekend.