Month: July 2009

cc// Halo3 adds Baxter

halo After Andrew “Omega” Charalambous departed our Halo 3 team just prior to MilkLAN #2 this weekend in Paris, France due to personal problems, we can now announce his replacement in the form of  Jack “Baxter” Baxter. Baxter joins the team as they prepare for the upcoming Multiplay i37 event which will be his first event under the cc// colours. Baxter joins the team without any major past acheivements but a great deal of potential and determination, acknowledging this but saying that whilst “I’ve never had any outstanding LAN placements, but have always wanted to get that number 1 spot. I’ve recently been trying my heart out to get it and its paid off as I’ve landed a spot on Europe’s finest, Crack Clan.” He is also full of confidence, stating “I’m really pumped about joining this team, I know for a fact MVP has proven himself as the best, the BUK twins are still hungry for the number one spot, maybe even more so myself. I can’t see anything stopping us at the next LAN event. We are the team to beat.”

cc// partner with SteelSeries

Today we can announce another step in our evolution here at cc//, with the addition of the leading gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries as our new sponsor. After speaking with them for a long time and experiencing their support already at the ESL Extreme Masters, Multiplay i36 and Dreamhack it became apparent to us that SteelSeries over an unrivalled level of support and we are honoured that they have decided to partner with us as one of their few UK teams.

“We are extremely pleased to team up with cc//. As part of a long history with the management and some of the currently contracted players, we have no doubt that cc// is a quality partner for us in the UK and abroad,” commented Casper Mejlholm, Marketing Manager at SteelSeries. “A set of talented, loyal players mixed with an ambitious, mature management driven to push gaming in the right direction, has always been a perfect fit.”

“Today I’m proud to announce our partnership with SteelSeries. After months of dialogue we find ourselves as one of only  two UK gaming teams who are sponsored by SteelSeries. It’s great to join the exclusive club of SteelSeries sponsored teams and shows a sign of our ambition to be among the world’s elite in Esports.” said Crack Clan Business Development Manager Ben Woodward. “Having worked alongside SteelSeries on many different projects in the past I’m very confident their products will help us achieve our goals, and help us progress further as an organisation in every aspect.”

cc// Halo 3 at Milk LAN

haloThis weekend our Halo 3 team will be competing at Milk LAN #2 in Paris, France so they can show their skills against the top French Halo teams! France has a strong local LAN scene which will see the top teams descend on Paris, including The Imperial, mX and Fair Frag, who will all be competing for the €800 first prize. Our team have had to make a last minute lineup change, with LowLandLions captain Adam “Infern0s” Baig coming in for this event to replace Andrew “OMEGA” Charalambous who has had to leave the team due to a hardware failure and personal problems. The event kicks off at 16.00CET on Saturday and we will try to bring you updates of our games as they happen.

Team Captain Stefan “MVP” Djordjevic has high hopes for the event, saying “we’re going into this tournament with a roster change so we’re not as organised as we’d like to be but we’ve prepared very quickly and we’re still confident we’re a contender for first place.”

Update 1: Our team got a bye in the first round of the Upper Bracket after being seeded 2nd. They’ve just beaten D32, winning 3-0 and 50-32. They will face Fair Frag in the Upper Bracket Semi Final.

Update 2: Waiting for the Lower Brackets to finish, have made the Final.

Update 3: The boys did it again taking the final 3-0 for another win – well done and congrats!

cc//css GUI released

cssourceAfter our ESL Pro Series II Finals victory on Saturday, our CounterStrike: Source player Richard “ritch” Gibbs has decided to make a GUI which is now available to download. As well as featuring a Crack Clan background, the GUI includes the same FPS config which our team uses themselves and easier to read HUD and death notices. You can see previews of the headshot icon, main menu, console, scoreboard and settings, whilst it is available to download here.

Ritch said the following:

“Well basically seeing as Crack Clan is my favourite ever team I’ve been in and definatly the best I decided to make a GUI for myself mainly and anyone that wanted to use it! I worked fairly hard on it although a lot of it is just different gui’s put together but it was definatly frustrating some parts of it, having to work it out for myself. There will be future updates for it when I get home feedback. Enjoy – and a special thanks to Menengroth!”