Month: September 2009


cc_eyes_gxlNext in our series of tweaks is a LAN that is a bit of a treat for the NAs, with TheGXL coming up over the October Halloween weekend in New Jersey; boasting 768 seats down in Millville (about 40 miles south of Philadelphia and about twice that to Manhattan) with a history of delivering the largest and best LAN experiences on the east coast there’s still a bunch of seats left available for community and competitive gamers alike. With NA COD4, QL and TF2 rosters already in relatively close proximity with the Ontarians a road trip away we’re expecting to have decent representation there to throw down and extend our winnings in a long weekend of fun and competition.

It’s a unique event from several perspectives, the most notable being that the organization is a not-for-profit outfit with proceeds going to Millville Rescue Squad and Jersey First Responders. They’re still looking for volunteers to help run the show so it’s an event with plenty of opportunity to get involved on all levels. Competitions feature variable prize pots depending on entries, with such a large venue it should be pretty interesting.  Check it out and feel free to say hello to the CC players that will be there

cc//pro reconfigure

cc_esports_changesToday Crack Clan announces the complete reconfiguration of our professional gaming initiative. Having entered the professional e-sports scene one year ago we’ve gone through what we considered a trial-by-fire learning phase especially in terms of acquisitions, business models, management and work flow. These past twelve months have delivered a rich experience heavy laden with world-class results that have found us contending with the top e-sports talent in the world and it is our desire to repeat those moments with a new, fiscally sound attitude.

Our commitment and resolve to continue offering unique gaming opportunities for players of all levels remains intact while we take lessons learned and strive to provide a sane, sustainable approach which will serve the long-term interests of e-sports as a viable pursuit. Working on Crack Clan’s twelfth year as an international gaming powerhouse we will continue to seek out those who have a passion for the game and desire to improve the community and movement in terms of quality, exposure, fun and overall business approach. Our longevity and adaptability is one of our regularly proven traits and we intend to protect that so as to ensure that on and off line competitive gaming continues to thrive.

We have terminated the contracts of Ben Woodward and Luke Cotton and wish them luck with their new adventures at PowerGaming, an organization without which the last year was not possible. Our Counter-Strike 1.6, Halo 3, and Team Fortress 2 professional LAN campaigns are effectively put on hold and players given the option of contractual release, continuance or a position with the newly launched PowerGaming initiative. We look forward to maintaining our continued presence across all levels in the world of e-sports and will be updating you soon as to the next phase of changes we will be implementing!