Month: March 2010

cc// CSS at i39!

cccssThis weekend our Counter Strike: Source team are competing at Multiplay’s i39 at Newbury, England, against some of England’s Finest. Coming into this event with some strong on-line performances in the EMS Qualifiers, the team will look to prove their quality in their first LAN event together.

cc//Ska had this to say before the event:

“Due to our online performances on ESL and other miscellaneous online cups and what-not; we will be attending this event with much more confidence than previous i-series.

We trust in our strong side that we will place a solid top 6 proving many of our peers wrong.

Thanks to the new backing from cc// to make attending this event possible

Shoutout to Team #BRAINERZ! ”

We’ll bring you updates throughout the event, and for up to date information you can follow us on Twitter.

Meet cc//Psunfragga!

cc_meet_psunIn the first of the series of Meet cc//, we sat down for a talk with Psunfragga, Leader and medic of the TF2 European Team currently playing in etf2l Division 2B as well as various cup competitions.

We ask her about her interests, her team and what it’s like to be a female gamer.

Hey, Psun first of all would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

I’m currently clan leader of a team recently formed under the MGO Crack Clan, where we have been recently promoted to division 2. My main class has always been medic and I am currently the caller for my team. I’ve played in the past on roster with FakkelBrigade 2, however I have spent a lot of time playing as a merc for many well known teams during season 5/6. Outside of my team games, I’m a mentor for those who want to improve their game individually or as a team.

cc//BC2 and CSS Update

We have another general update for you which covers two very different games and divisions.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 seems to have grown some legs; with more PC players than console and a bunch of us going around kicking the tires it seems we are in the market to give this a competitive tryout. Our North American roster is almost full of veterans and we’re open to the idea of supporting a European one as well so register an account and post to participate in a trial; take advantage of it while we’ve got the doors open!

Counter-Strike Source carries some news for us as well as we have formalized our European roster and welcome a group which carries a hopeful combination full of energy and talent. We’d like to wish these boys the best of luck and look forward to the near future as various cups and LANs approach and give them the opportunity to test their mettle against powerful adversaries.

cc//TF2 Update

The Crack Clan EU TF2 squad has recently sparked a lot of interest within its scene with surprising results. Underestimated in predictions as an first team to fold by many, Crack Clan TF2 has been taking down teams blow after blow, earning respect along the way as they make their name through Season 7 of ETF2L. Heads began to turn during the ESH Asus Rock challenge, in which the squad had not only won lower brackets but also went onto defeating division 2 team SpA in a fast game on ctf_turbine. Despite having the whole team down in the first minute with SpA having an advantage, Crack Clan TF2 brought a 4-0 lead in the adrenaline fueled game and landed a final winning blow of 12-9. With morale running high, the next challenge of divsion 1 team Rockit! on cp_badlands was met with fantastic team play despite having recently lost to them in a previous pcw. Thanks to hard work in changing playstyles and adapting, Rockit were faced with a devastating knock out from the cup, leaving Crack Clan TF2 a well deserved win of 5-2. Unfortunately after this game, it seems team Rockit are blasting off again by folding.