Month: May 2010

Meet cc//Tina

kek: Alloh, Tina, why don’t you introduce yourself to the readers and tell them your role here in Crack Clan?

Tina: Hello, my real name is Catriona I’m 28 years old and from Isle of Lewis (North West of Scotland), also one of few females that play Red Orchestra 😉 I’ve always been into games. Been playing console games since the age of 12, but only played online since 2005… I’m pretty new to the online scene always willing to learn new things.

Here’s a bit of my gaming history: My first clan was [5thW] ss Division and I was TRO (Training and Recruitment Officer) for 5thWs COD UO, COD 2 and RO Divisions! Soon after RO went to retail I joined {Core} in 2007 till 2009 I was co-leader and match arranger. Things didn’t quite work out there and then I got invited to cc// March 2009 have no regrets 🙂

kek: When/how did you first start playing RO? And when did you start playing it competitively? And how did Crack Clan’s RO team become to what it is today?

cc//12 year anniversary

cc_news_happy_12..annnd here we are at another May fourth! Twelve years old we turn and though the graphics, sound effects, community and overall gaming reality has changed significantly since the late 90s the Crack Clan paradigm remains tried, tested and true. It is with a hearty chuckle and grateful clasping of hands that I’d like to thank everyone that continues to steadfastly stick to their guns, continuing to share and shed e-bullets as well as honest, entertaining interactions and a competitive spirit that remains appropriately dynamic, rewarding and overwhelmingly long-lived.

It is with no reservation that I reach out to competitors, administrators, detractors, supporters and our loyal membership with a deep sense of gratitude for what’s been and promises to continue to be one of the greatest collaborative online journeys ever taken. Remaining agile, democratic, open-minded and moral is still very much the case as it was twelve years ago. Allowing relatively deep internal autonomy and continuing the pursuit of initiatives that truly contribute toward the longevity of online competitive gaming prevail as Crack Clan marches on.

Thanks to all that manage to keep it real and pour blood, sweat and tears in to one of the longest-lived organizations of its type on the planet. Thanks to those that persevere with their strong sense of dedication amidst an otherwise folding, chaotic, flash-in-the-pan environment – it is this adherence to honesty, compassion, hard work and common-sense that makes this all possible and worthwhile. None of this would even be conceivable without selecting and keeping members that hold these core values as true and keeping the others at bay. Happy twelve year anniversary Crack Clan, here’s to many more!

– cc//dox

cc//general update

cc_general_updateWe’ve a few general updates that cross several divisions, we’re also looking forward to announcing a few special items this coming week so stay tuned for more!

Since we flooded the front page with CSS news it’s only fair that we let you know what’s been happening in some other parts of our organization:

BFBC2BFBC2: Crack Clan has completed assembling their North American Bad Company 2 roster and have set out on a campaign over at TeamWarfare on the 8v8 ladder. We’re especially pleased to see the roster comprised of a set of members who, when added up, total over a staggering seventy one years of combined Crack Clan membership. We are looking forward to shaking the rust off and tackling the challenges as they present themselves to us!

cc_news_small_roRO: In our rebuilding phase we added some great new players and brought back some musty “old RO” guys. cc//Qasowsky, our newest addition to the squad, is a veteran to RO with a strong background in teamwork, leadership, and strategy development. He is a great asset to the team and his contributions have been invaluable.

We are back up to around 12 active members who are ready to shoot, move and communicate in battle! We also played our 100th match on March 7th!

TF2TF2: Crack Clan TF2 has finally finished season 7 of ETF2L in good stead, going beyond what they originally hoped to achieve. The initial aim was to compete in division 3, however we have seen Crack Clan finish 5th place in division 2B after promotions due to good performances! With assurances of division 2 for next season, the team hopes to mature and bring their fighting spirit to turn heads once again. Tom [email protected] provides his thoughts:

“We started off the season really well, with a huge bang! It seems we relaxed mid season and saw some roster issues, however we’re all extremely pleased at our final placings. I look forward to getting practice in with our final member of the team ready for next season. :)”