Month: August 2010

cc// CSS at i40

This weekend our Counter Strike: Source team are competing at Multiplay’s i40 at Newbury, England, against some of England’s and Europe’s Finest. Coming into this event with some strong on-line performances they hope to show their quality and potential at what will be their first LAN together as a team.

cc//Zeo had this to say:

We’re going into this event with really high hopes as we’ve had some great pcw results which has really boosted our confidence. Our side is really buzzing at the minute and we hope to prove to everyone why we should be in crack clan. Cheers to dox and holy and all the cc guys for backing us up

We’ll bring you updates throughout the event, and for up to date information you can follow us on Twitter

cc//TF2 EU v. ESL Season!

Nearly two weeks ago the cc//TF2 EU squad took part in the ESH: Sapphire Challenge taking down Cardus and k1ck followed by an unfortunate loss to Power Gaming.

For the past two weeks, cc//TF2 EU has been practicing hard and gradually improving their game in preparation for the coming up ESL 6on6 League Season VI and the ESL Major Series Season VII.

First things first, the ESL 6on6 League Season VI will begin on September 13th with division placement matches 1 week before hand and ending before the ESL Major Series but with the prize 1st prize of 6x premium two months access accounts, a special place in the ESL Hall of Fame, and the top four placements in the Premiership Division with get an exclusive ESL Major Series Season VIII slot.

The current ESL Major Series schedule is looking like the following…
Qualifiers – August 23rd
Group stages – October 11th
Play offs – November 22nd
End of Season – December 20th

With a prize purse of €750($952) up for grabs. We can only imagine just how the prize money will play a role as being one of the key motivators for this ESL Major Season to help make teams perform well.

This is what cc//TF2 EU Captain, Psunfragga had to say in an interview…

cc//TF2 EU v. ESH: Sapphire Challenge

The Esports Heaven Cup started the Round 1 of the EURO Sapphire Challenge with 32 teams signed up. Amongst those 32 teams, names like TCM-Gaming, PowerGaming, Team Dignitas, k1ck and our very own Crack Clan showed up to all compete for a prize pool of £500($793).

cc//TF2 starting off their first match against Cadrus on Badlands with a shaky start but eventually kicked things into gear and ended up winning the match 7:2 to head on and play up against the European-based club organization, k1ck on Granary.

The match on Granary against k1ck started off with the first mid-battle going in k1ck’s favor but would end in a tennis match for the control of mid until the scout combo of Tom [email protected] and Stuntz sneak their way between the cargo containers and flank k1ck getting a couple kills and distracting their soldiers so Retsh0ck could come in and finish the job.

After clearing out middle, cc// was then held off at the last point by k1ck until the crafty German Spy, Tom [email protected] snuck his way in as k1ck began to push and ended up capping the first point of the map.

Second round ending with nearly the exact same start going to k1ck’s favor following by a tug-of-war game for the middle control, but k1ck stepped up their game that round to take the second point of the map.

After winning the third round, cc// would begin with a strong start on round 4 and following through to make the score 3:1 by having one of the cc// Soldiers, Retsh0ck, clear a path and fighting k1ck so Huhy could run in and cap the final CP, eventually winning the match 5:2.

cc//CSS returns

cssourceAfter a period away from the CSS scene we are proud to announce a team that share the same philosophy as Crack Clan and are enthusiastically looking forward to a great partnership together.

Holy had this to say:

“I’m happy to welcome a genuinely nice group of guys into the clan I hope the stability provided by Crack Clan allows them to grow as a team and break the current mold of constantly changing UK teams, I look forward to working with the team over the coming months.”

orcl had this to say:

“I’m really looking forward to working with the guys at Crack Clan, from our recent discussions it is clear that we have the same goals and look to achieve them in any way possible. The team and I are keen to progress together bearing the Crack Clan tag, and hopefully with our upcoming i-Series attendance and the EPS Season 4 we can demonstrate how well we are coming together. I’d like to personally thank all of the guys at Crack Clan, especially Holy and dox and also the rest of my team”

cc//CSS are:

  • Orcl
  • Acky
  • Choong
  • Zeo
  • Symo