Month: November 2010

Announcing Starcraft II Division

“Construct Additional Rosters!”

“You got it boss!”

Since the beginning of beta Starcraft II has been active and rapidly growing by launching numerous tournaments, leagues and cups providing the game with nothing but positive notoriety. With the decision of adding a Starcraft II roster to the Crack Clan name, we’re now proud to present our new Starcraft II roster with more to come!

Daniel “haZard” Bidon

Thomas “Thomas” Badger

Matthew “Strength” Coulter

Jonathan “Toosneaky” Smith

Michael “Jaeger” Marcin

Justin “Justinsroy” Roy

Kicking off with the cc//SC2 roster, we will be participating in the upcoming CEVO Starcraft II Season and try to make an impact in the upcoming tournaments.

Now for a few words with a couple members of our lineup…

cc//Celebrates RO Campaign

With four and a half years of war behind us and an announcement about the sequel’s release date we are closing the books on our longest-lived campaign in order to rest up and gather ourselves for the continuation with Red Orchestra 2!

From humble beginnings that started with beta testing the game before release, we find ourselves today celebrating an unprecedented achievement which took us from the lowest levels to the highest of accolades. Kicking off in March of 2006 it took nearly 75 players across two continents, countless scrimmages and matches to sustain the fight, maintaining our reputation for tough but friendly competition with emphasis on camaraderie while having fun.

We’re preparing a proper retrospective which contains the match record, further statements and complete roster acknowledgment. Until then, here are a few choice quotes from some of our leaders while the rest of us stay on pubbing, playing EFC or other games with the rest of the org:

When to buy a game?

The recent release of the newest Call of Duty iteration has, for the first time, left me with more questions than answers and finds me wondering about how people decide whether or not they will plunk down their hard-earned cash on something they don’t know about.

Unfortunately my usual purchasing process doesn’t shed too much light on how I make my decisions; my role in this organization has me effectively duty-bound to get my hands on the latest releases as soon as they come out.. yet this time around it hasn’t happened. It’s not for lack of trying: as the release date was rounding the bend I launched threads in our forums, initiated chats in our voice server and on Steam asking at least seventy five of my closest gaming pals whether or not they were picking it up.

I’ve done the same with every COD version since the franchise started and it’s starting to look like there’s been a significant shift in attitudes: my PC gaming network seems to have turned cautious on new releases with only the most die-hard COD fans (a number which dwindled significantly due to MW2 and WaW) and/or those with more disposable income having been the ones that purchased it. Translation: I think I only know one person who doesn’t fall in to one of those categories who actually bought the game – a shockingly low result.

cc//TF2 recharges batteries

Four weeks late into ETF2L’s season 8, Crack Clan TF2 EU #1 are announcing a seasons break from competitive TF2 after playing ETF2L Season 7, ETF2L AFS, ESL, EMS and ESH cups together (so many leagues!)  As a team that was originally intended for division 4 but has achieved division 1 greatness in less than a year, it comes as no surprise that a break is needed to recharge their batteries.

Psunfragga added:
“We’ve decided a bit too late that we’re all exhausted to play TF2 together after suffering repeated roster issues. Compton is moving onto great things in real life – good luck!. M00n is chasing sexy women and parties. We recently parted ways with huhy as well. It is difficult to make such big changes four weeks into a new season at division 1 when we had hoped to still play together. No one can predict future situations. Stuntz, Tom [email protected], Retsh0ck and myself are still available to play during this season and we will be looking to potentially getting our team back by next season if people decide real life isn’t as fun. In the meantime feel free to support Crack Clan Blue & Green during their debut season with us. If you don’t hear from us before Christmas, hope you have a good one and we’ll see you in the new year!”