Month: January 2011

Crack Clan Greets Paroxysm

We are pleased to announce that we are welcoming team Paroxysm to Crack Clan as its main competitive TF2 squad. With strong results and a solid history, Paroxysm have shown themselves to be a fantastic addition to our competitive rosters for their upcoming spring season.

Demsii, their founding leader comments:

“We’re very happy with the opportunity that has been given to us. Personally I already have had a good impression from cc// due to some of it’s former members and we’re happy to associate even further with them.

strength’s first LAN report

As some of you may know, I have just finished my first competitive LAN EVER. So this will be my first blog of many to come. First I would like say, thank you to cc//dox, cc//keK, and the rest of the Crack Clan organization for allowing me to represent them. I really do appreciate not only being part of an organization, but a family that cares for their gamers, and I thank you for that. I would also like to thank rockyte, winn, and sausagefest (Bautista) for supporting me at the LAN. Last, Thank you to Hyper Crew for hosting a LAN Tournament in VA. Also, pictures/brackets/video tour of the LAN/replay pack will be at the bottom of the article.