Month: February 2011

Starcraft II Week In Review

After a week filled with tryout matches and practice for new players, cc//SC2 began their week off playing against BLAST SC2 USA. An unfortunate loss for the team but after a quick meeting amongst the players in the roster, cc//SC2 finished off the week with a hectic victory against Chaos Factors and a forfeit win from Mobility Gaming SC2.

Chaos Factors

ccJaeger > Jogoman 2-0
ccaaroB < GreatWestern 1-2
ccMoa > icedragonCF 2-1
ccJroy > Fate 2-0

cc//SC2 3 – 1 CF

Why the victory might of been hectic? Well let’s ask Michael “ccJaeger” Marcin from the squad…

Q: Jaeger, what happened Thursday night before and during the match against Chaos Factors?

SC2 Week In Review

The ESEA season has finally begun! And with a good start as well, winning the first match against Seal Cub Clubbing Club 3-1

SNAX > ccJaeger 2-1
ccMoa > Dex 2-1
ccJroy > Sephiroth 2-1
ccHaZaRd > Dvolp 2-0

cc// 3 – 1 SCCC

But after some unfortunate turn of events in the past two weeks for the Starcraft II team, their roster has dwindled down to 5 players with the use of 2 B-Team players. Manager of the Starcraft 2 team keK, had this to say…

“The team was meshing pretty well the first few weeks when we had our final starting 4 players plus a backup for the A Team, but due to mis-communication and understanding as well as real-life commitments, we’ve had to let Strength, veK and Thomas go. It was nice having them on the team and what they did for Crack Clan during their stay with us but we’re just going to have to be optimistic and go back into the talent searching phase to help rebuild the roster to it’s full strength-but wish the best of luck to the three in whichever endeavors they pursue.”

Upcoming ESEA Season, cc//SC2 plays against BLAST SC2 USA on Sunday and then Mobility Gaming and Chaos Factors for Week 2.

Stay tuned in the future for further roster additions and cc//SC2 news!

A little bit about Breach

The last two weeks began with the release of a new indie game and ended in a swirling storm of both heavy snow and acerbic comments which buried the new game in excuses of previous engagements and a sense of something better to do. But as the snow settles, and people’s rightful indigestion at the release of such a game reaches equilibrium, the community looks willing to dig it out of its cold resting place and heat it up.

Breach has been described as a cross between Bad Company and, well, what-ever other games that feature wanton destruction and sense of giddy fun at launching someone high into the air with a rocket. Its graphics look somewhat new, but that doesn’t mean it is top of the line, mostly because it doesn’t need to be. The game plays like a first person shooter with a twist, featuring a destruction engine called “3.0” by the developers, and a cover system which is “active” and allows one to peek around corners and blind fire, while pieces of their so-called ‘protection’ are chipped away by bullets and the hilarious insults deployed by the games characters. The game also contains a rank system which allows the player to pour hapless hours into earning a myriad of new weapons and gadgets which enhance the destructive properties of each player’s character. This alone makes the game a fun to play experience in which everyone should partake but, as with every shining star, there is often a dull spot.

Crack Clan TF2 Update

Welcome to this weeks TF2 News thingymabobber!(tentative name!)

The New Kids On The Block, Crack Clan Paroxysm, have sent everyone at the top tier of TF2 a message this week. Flying the Crack Clan banner high by performing outstandingly in PCW’s. The highlight of which must be their comfortable win over Team Refuse, an ex premier division team. This shows a lot of promise for the team and hopefully the good form can continue into the pre-season and main season of ETF2L9.

Thursday the 3rd of February saw cc//Blu take on EsportsHeaven’s One Night Wonder #7, a one night cup based around the map ctf_turbine_pro_b1, a remake of an old classic tf2 Capture the Flag map. The tournament was played with 3 10 Minute Rounds, first to 5 caps each and best of the 3 rounds wins. In the first game we played against a mostly German team called nuBreed and we won the first 10 minute round 5-0 in 4 minutes, a resounding success with a lot of very aggressive pushes forming the basis of a “all out attack is the best defense”.