Month: March 2011

Crack Clan General Update

It’s been a fairly busy couple of weeks, thought it might be good time to update everyone as we poke our heads out of a blurry game-laden stretch.

First mention has to be that a bunch of us Battlefield fans got together on the North American side and went with a private-style buy-in tournament that took us through the infantry-worthy maps as a response to the total lack of competitive outlets available for Bad Company 2 Vietnam — if the competition isn’t out there why not make it in here?  Short version of the story turns out that without exception every single round of every single map was a tense, close and stupendously enjoyable experience that lasted a few weeks and ended tonight.  Hats off to the most amazing bunch of guys who made this possible and also carry the staggering statistic of over 70 combined years of Crack Clan membership, no one else on the planet has that.  Vengeance, Ranger, BlackHawk5, Smithy, crazy, Havoc, Hogtyd, Klegg, skullhead, red, Alien, Cobra — you guys are awesome, thanks so much for extending the life of the game and making this happen.

Starcraft II Week In Review

Last week, cc//SC2 finished off with a 1-1 score in ESEA S8 after beating Team Synaptic and then losing to the Oceanic Team, FXOpen eSports, making cc//SC2’s record 4-2.

This week the team was faced to do a double-header and was picked to be ESEA’s Match of the Week, which was then shoutcasted by, presenting Stoic eSports vs. Crack Clan.

Crack Clan would eventually win the match without much struggle and defeat stoic eSports 4-0

ccHaZaRd v. stoicAydin
ccJroy v. MaMe
ccMoa v. BaronFel
ccJaeger v. stoicZukarakox

cc//SC2 4 – 0 stoic