Month: April 2011

Starcraft 2 Week-in-Review

A long and overdue Week-in-Review from the cc//SC2 roster is well in order!

ESEA – With the season quickly coming to a close, cc//SC2 has one more match against “Double D” to play to decide which way their current 10-4 season record will go. If victorious, cc//SC2 will be tied for 3rd with vVv!

MLG Dallas – The MLG 2011 Pro Circuit started off this weekend with its first stop at the Dallas Convention Center with Michael “cc//Jaeger” Marcin began his mission on fighting through the brackets.  Unfortunately due to performance against a strong Zerg player and technical difficulties, cc//Jaeger was eliminated from the tournament in Round 3 of the Lower Bracket to vVvRigid in a 1-2 series.