Month: February 2012

cc//Winter Updates

The action never ends at Crack Clan with old campaigns making way for new ones, rosters regrouping and solidifying and more exciting future plans being realized, here comes another general seasonal update for you!

Our TF2 EU main roster has finished ETF2L Season 10 in a fantastic 3rd place. The final leg of the journey to success was the result of incredibly close games where anyone could take pole positions! They went the whole season without taking a loss from a team but despite their gallant efforts one of their final matches resulted in their first loss. They still managed to get their hands on some prizes! A community wide poll invited over 800 members to vote Crack Clan as “Most Surprisingly Good Team of the Season!” With the season restarting this month, you can follow your heroes of TF2 as they play in Premier once again with a different face complimenting cc//HarryHook. We have now said goodbye to Estanis with high hopes that he will succeed as an officer of the force! In turn we now welcome the legendary Bash who has represented Team Germany at Nations Cups in the past. He is feared by opponents for his precise aim and unique movement so our team is happy to have him on our side. Welcome cc//Bash! Remember to follow our progress in the upcoming season as many of our matches are casted through and VODs are available at YouTube!

Though we’re an MGO, the Battlefield franchise has always received extra attention from Crack Clan, it’s just that game that we’re always willing to take our time with and get right. Toward that goal our biggest news has been that our Battlefield 3 experience grows on both sides of the Atlantic, the major announcement being that we’ve launched a Nordic team under the management of cc//Krusken who adds “I hope we will continue to have a great time together. Let’s play hard and fun together!”

cc//BF3 Nordic are:

cc//Lusse, cc//Krusken, cc//Panzercat, cc//Swaffel, cc//Foss3n, cc//Forre, cc//ninjafiskJR, cc//Phrallan, cc//JagPangarHS, cc//Snejbelsax.