Month: April 2012

Crack Clan Pathfinder

Welcome Adventurers.. there is a faint musky smell in the air as you peer about the cave. Though the darkness you hear a faint moaning sound coming from your left. Raising your torch above your head you catch a glimpse of what appears to be a man moving slowing in your direction.

Uh.. what did you just say? Yes you heard correctly, there are some magical things brewing around Crack Clan! We have officially started a Dungeons and Dragons group! Crack Clan is originally a first person shooter organization, so this is a very rare and extraordinary event happening within our ranks. We are also extremely fortunate to have our first campaign run by a very experienced Dungeon Master known by the alias drsouluno. Without any more delay please read on for our interview with the man that’s making all of this possible:

cc//TF2 Green Update

We haven’t touched base with cc//Green in a while so it’s time for a little update, and what an update it is! After a hiatus from a successful season we were pleased to have Mothy and Mik announce that they would take a second go at bringing this legend back – it got better – and we’re proud and excited to announce that cc//Green is back in business!

These two gentlemen took advantage of their inactivity and, now rejuvenated, ready and willing they trucked the ‘TF2 rookies of Crack Clan’ on to the road ahead — and what a road: going through a practice season and focusing on chemistry, communications and overall team building had led to the formation of a strong squad that is now proving itself in cups (recently taking the win in Punkka’s Arena Cup)

With the joint insanity of Mik and Mothy and a culture that servers up a democratic division, we set out on the challenge of having the division acquire the stability of the organization and and now looking forward to a bright future!

Crack Clan Green is: