Month: November 2012

TF2 Grand Finals and Planetside 2

At the very least it’s been some incredibly entertaining matches we’ve seen from our TF2 team where a combination of practice, focus, luck, perseverance (and a few comeback moments) have had shoutcasters playing scales with their voices in front of thousands of spectators as our underdogs pushed through the likes of TLR and BFF to land themselves in the grand final!

Every chance we get we’re updating our (now slightly overgrown) ETF2L S13 CC Portal with more VODs, demos, articles and other details as we continue to document, share and live stream practices, matches and more. The final match date is tentatively set for Thursday November 29th so we hope you’ll join us in preparation and support as we head in against Epsilon eSports to play for first place.

We’ve also been having some fun with a few giveaways in the chat rooms of the various video streams and thought it might make sense to also offer some here: next up for grabs is a Mann Co. Ticket sponsored MvM game: three winners get a ticket and join myself and @Admirable in a loot-grabbing match against evil robots – all you have to do to enter is follow us on twitter and tweet a message as to why you want to play (or, if you already have an account here, post in the comments below!)

In a totally different universe we’ve got some other exciting news: PlanetSide 2, the game that features up to 2,000 players per map battling it out as they represent their faction using infantry, armour and air assets to try to take over a continent has launched – for free! We’re opening the doors and announcing open recruiting across two real-world continents: join Crack Clan whether you’re in Europe or North America and be part of our army. We’ve put together a little landing page but you should also read about us, register and then head over to the join page to fill out an application so we can get started!

Crack Clan ETF2L Season 13

In all these years of supporting Team Fortress 2 (and many other titles) I’ve been fortunate enough to closely witness and facilitate the heightened excitement and level of game play as our teams have managed to break in to the higher level of competition. Our season 13 playoff entry has presented an opportunity for us to try something just a little bit different this time and try to share this experience by providing unprecedented levels of access to a premiere level team as they try to wrap up the season and take on some the highest level of competition available on the planet.

Wise or not, win or lose, we’ve assembled a Crack Clan ETF2L S13 portal which holds every article, video link, demo, log, config file, HUD and some more goodies which will let you come along on the trip with us as we analyze and attempt to improve our game and put on a good match for everyone when the official hits on Thursday. Use it to catch up on the season, study our every move, take things for your own team out of it, or whatever – we’d love some feedback on the subject as well, we hope you’ll join us in cheering on yet another high level TF2 competition!

Doing it right: Natural Selection 2

It’s not often you can say this about a game, so I’ll open with it: one of the first things that really hit you about Natural Selection 2 is the ambiance, whether you’re playing an Alien or a Marine. Well before you figure out the game you’ll find yourself experiencing some degree of catharsis by way of the sights, the sounds and how they change.

This kind of experience is more than purely aesthetic; it’s part of the game play! As you become more tuned-in to the struggle in which you’re participating your surroundings become important, actionable queues. Whether it’s the red glow of an under-powered part of the map or pulsating alien infestation slime that’s spreading through the corridors they’re all indications of something you’re meant to handle.

On the surface level this game is about two adversaries, Aliens and Marines, in a battle for possession over a playing area which will require the exhilarating combination of FPS-twitch and RTS-top-down skills married to a conflict that involves building a viable economy which is meant to be used in vicious ways against your opponents.

I’m not going to go too deep in to the mechanics because there’s far better explanations (video!) to which I’m going to be linking. What I really want to touch on briefly is how we got here and what we’ve got..