Month: December 2012

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again.. snow is settling on the ground, last-minute-shoppers lose their minds while some of us patiently await opening our Crack Clan Secret Santa gifts and work takes a little break for most of us to allow for some good family time — here’s wishing you and yours the best and happiest of the holiday season and all the best heading in to the new year: Happy Holidays everyone, play safe out there!!

ETF2L Season 13 Retrospective

We completed ETF2L Season 13 and landed the number two spot in Europe for competitive Team Fortress 2! To that end I’ve got some odds’n’ends that have accumulated as a result and thought it’s about time I shared them with you (before we got on to the next season and a few special announcements!). Please read on for a wonderful post-season interview with cc//Smzi from guest writer Chaplain (author of many other awesome scene pieces), a serious retrospective from our team captain cc//Admirable and a gushing set of shoutouts and thank-you’s from myself.

This summary may be short but you’ll want to get those reading glasses on, curl up in your favourite chair by the fire and prepare yourself to enjoy the following pages, hope you like it!