Month: February 2013

Crack Clan TF2 Battle Report #2

Last week’s inaugural battle report was full of grand imagery, flowery language and blatant electioneering; a crude attempt to win you over, but I know you are all far too perspicacious to be sweet-talked by a silver-tongued Irishman two weeks in a row. Instead in the second edition you will be treated to a deeper insight to our week of training and competition, as I take you day-by-day through our games and best laid plans. Not to mention the usual tabulated feast of logs, demos, comms and videos.

If the theme of last week was getting routinely smashed by Epsilon in practise, then the theme of this week was to try and emulate what they do. The first hour of our Sunday session was devoted to a discussion on changing our style of play. Having watched a few STV demos between us and ipz- even talking at length with Epsilon’s numlocked and Mike, we felt we had deciphered at least part of their recipe for victory.

That evening we tested out our strategic adjustments against Quarantine to produce some fairly one-sided games. Whilst beating on one of the Premiership’s punching bags might be good for morale, it was perhaps not an accurate indicator as to whether or not we were moving in the right direction.

Crack Clan Season 14 – Week 3

As another week draws to a close, all 3 of our CC teams have tasted victory and defeat in equal measure, with CC Prem & Purple gaining points and moving towards the top of their respective divisions and CC Blue making unfortunate concessions that they will undoubtedly rectify in the coming weeks.

CC Prem bagged themselves a generous helping of triumph, smashing an inconsolable European Team Decerto into a lifeless pulp, resulting in an overwhelming victory. Their next game will inevitably require more resistance as they are pitted against the “undefeatable” European Epsilon eSports, a team that has remained unbeaten for almost 2 seasons. This match will inevitably be covered by TF2’s premier casting outfit VanillaTF2 and I’d recommend you all show up on the day to give our boys the support they deserve.





European Crack Clan vs Epsilon eSports European

Tuesday Feb 19, 20:30 CET

Crack Clan TF2 Battle Report #1

Over two weeks ago Crack Clan TF2 invited the world and his wife to join us on our ETF2L Season 14 campaign, with an offering of SourceTV and Mumble Comms for every game in addition to the well-established Twitch stream of our superstar Swede, TviQ.

The offer still stands! Come one, come all. Admittedly, we’ve had one or two nights where the Mumble Relay was not active or we were unable to connect the HiperZ STV Relay to our opponent’s server. So whilst I apologise unreservedly where we have failed, I will contend that on the whole we have delivered on that which we promised.

And yet, if I were to draw a Venn diagram of two populations; those who actively compete in Team Fortress 2 and those who would consider watching us play top level competitive Team Fortress 2, I would expect the latter would be all but encompassed in the former.

We recognise that a sizeable proportion of the people who might actually be interested in this, the nerdiest of propositions, are themselves playing when we are going live. So today I will strike a blow for freedom and unchain you from your merciless team schedules; enter the Crack Clan Battle Report!

Crack Clan Season 14 – Week 2

The second week of Crack Clan’s Season 14 experience was just as exciting as the first, with a great deal of enthralling content in the pipeline and constant progression from all of our teams; lets take a closer look.

European CC Prem’s week started as many thought it would finish; European Pokeman put up very little resistance, however their recent clash against European BFF didn’t end the way it was intended and finished in a bitterly contested draw. As always, their glance is drawn onwards and upwards and their focus is on beating International Doctrinal & France Pyro-Gen next week.





European Crack Clan vs Team Doctrinal International

Not Scheduled

Read on for more about Blue and Purple squads!