Month: March 2013

Introducing: Crack Clan Yellow!

cc_news_tf2_naOver the course of Crack Clan’s 15 year lifespan, the only thing that has ever stood in the way of expansion is ambition. As an organisation we firmly believe that when a will is present a way will present itself, so when word of a promising new TF2 team drifted over the Atlantic it made perfect sense to bridge that gap and add yet more land to our area of influence. It is my genuine pleasure to announce that Crack Clan has decided to select their first North American representative to help build a path to an ever-more exciting future.

Crack Clan Yellow is a healthy mixture of West and East coast denizens, each upholding the ideals of the organisation and possessing the kind of ambition Crack Clan have become notorious for. Introducing @ccjjp @kent @panzer-xiii @rabbit @tombom and @cranCARRY:

“Last night, coincidentally, someone asked me about our timeline for getting back to being involved with the North American TF2 scene. The answer isn’t so much a date as it is a state of mind: I believe that the combinations of attitude, keenness and personality take precedence over many other factors when you’re trying to build something contributory, enjoyable, stable and well performing. I’m optimistic about effectively ‘rebooting’ our NA involvement after a few years with this first step; I think these Lemons will be a great asset for our continuing mission to bring some positive effects to TF2” – dox

And although dox will be keeping a close watch over his new partnership, the team also has an interesting host of personalities and unique things to bring to Crack Clan. Here’s team leader Panzer for his scoop:

“As the leader of the North American team Evil Villain is Lemons, we are greatly looking forward to our new partnership with Crack Clan. We hope to pioneer a new chapter in the North American division of Crack Clan and I’ve personally always liked Crack Clan and am really excited to be a part of this organization moving forward. Hopefully we can be a part of the next fifteen years of Crack Clan!” Panzer

Our first Crack Clan NA team (aka Crack Clan yellow) are a fresh and interesting part of what we have to offer the world of eSports, and their continued success relies on support and interaction from every single one of you. Make it your mission to introduce yourself to them in mumble and show them why Crack Clan is one of the most vibrant and interesting communities around!

The CC Season 14 Wrap-Up

As cc// prepare for their place on the play-off podium and Blue and Purple de-stress after the journey that was the Crack Clan Season 14 experience, I thought I’d take the chance to the current comings and goings of all 3 teams from the past week.

CC Prem have had a hugely successful season, earning themselves a first-round BYE in the play-offs due to their second place position in the group stages. My personal highlight of the season was their Week 6 victory, an event that was advertised as the most exciting TF2 fixture in recent years and will be repeated later this week versus Swegian Broder in the semi-finals. CC started their group stage last season from 4th and worked their way up to the final in a fabulous fashion and it really shows progress that they have the privileged of a jump straight to the semi’s. Best of luck boys!

Crack Clan TF2 Battle Report #3

Last week an ill-advised late-night live viewing of the Oscars capitulated to the sort of terrible sleep patterns that have punctuated my seemingly eternal student years. I’m not sure if I ever said I was aiming to put out Battle Reports on a weekly basis, but that was my intention, for the remainder of Season 14 at least.  So, apologies for breaking my imaginary promise, but if you want to hate someone, hate Seth McFarlane.

The extended interval has led to significantly more resources to document, so this edition will be comprised mostly of beautiful tables interspersed a few paragraphs of lorem ipsum filler about my favourite colour and which team member I have the biggest crush on. Before we get in to that I should mention that our SourceTV Relay is now at courtesy of the inexhaustible generosity of Arie; our scene is truly blessed.

Whilst I’m in a slightly apologetic mood I should probably shoulder the blame for getting everyone’s hopes up in Battle Report #2 with tall pseudo-culinary tales of unlocking the secret Epsilon recipe for success. The figures below tell a different story of a rather one-sided engagement, but at least we managed to last 30 minutes on Process. And Snakewater? Let’s not talk about that.