Month: January 2016

Testing a New Comms Platform: Discord

Historically speaking we’ve tried everything there is at Crack Clan; from speakerphones to Roger Wilco through to Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble and more.  Today we’ve got a new trial for a communications platform that has been making some waves and we’re inviting you to try it out with us, idle for a bit and let us know what you think.

discord-shield-logoOn paper, Discord offers several advantages over competitors, whether it’s multi-platform support, DDoS protection, In-Game overlays, no-hassle use (you can just click to join in your browser) or just competitive voice quality.

In practice it offers a unique combined blend of text and voice features that also carries media embedding (share those YouTube videos and GIFs) so you can pop in and read or hear what we’re chatting about; you don’t even have to create an account if you don’t want to.

Some of us have already been bashing it around with a couple of game and chat sessions – push notifications make DM’ing easy no matter what device we’re using and feedback insofar has been surprisingly optimistic, it’s held up well so far.

We’re inviting all of Crack Clan to come take a stab at it, whether it’s to help us evaluate the software or whether it’s been a while and you just want to pop your head in. Hit any of the relevant links to get connected and play a few rounds!

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year everyone — big huge high5s issued to our awesome chosen family that’s put yet another year together in the pursuit of next level gaming.  We’re coming off of the back of another successful period which has found us enjoying a myriad of titles, some of them regularly (BF4 nights are still rocking every Monday) and some of them in a bandwagon sense.  This past year we also stopped along the way to pull off another amazing gathering and celebrated the glorious return of Crack Clan Secret Santa!

Crack Clan Secret Santa 2016

Holy Moly, look at all that loot!

2016 has plenty to look forward to, not just from the perspective of new titles coming to release but also a rejuvenation and launch of some new exciting projects that have been under construction for the past few months.  We’ve got significant new infrastructure and support on the horizon as well as some e-sports announcements to make in the coming months.  While that’s under way we’re also rolling out a new site for the classic clan component (please bear with us as we continue to construct elements, pull in legacy data/pages and fix bugs) while the CC Global Gaming initiative continues under its own domain.  We’re also adding even more regular events for clan members and friends alike so stay tuned for more information and thanks again for participating in the longest lived gaming organization of its type!