Month: February 2016

Rainbow 6 Siege and new comms

logo-r6-siege-icon-inv-optThe exciting times continue as we add another title and another weekly event to our schedule: developed in Montreal and published by Ubisoft Rainbow 6: Siege is the newest addition to our roster. This counter-terrorism themed first-person tactical shooter has captured a good piece of our community’s imagination and we’ve set out to represent SWAT, SAS, GSG-9, Spetsnaz, GIGN, JTF2 and more with regular weekly internal events where we pit ourselves against one another to extract maximum experience and fun from the asymmetrical environment offered. Of course internal hype on the game is high so we’re far from limited to hosting Siege Tuesdays, we’ve got pick-up games happening almost daily and are seeking to expand the experience.

It’s yet another example in what is an almost countless series of experiences we’ve had over almost 18 years together: if you get enough people to regularly and reliably commit to assembling to play a game you can extract truly next-level value from any title regardless of what’s happening with the rest of the gaming community.

If you’re interested in our Battlefield Mondays, Siege Tuesdays or Insurgency Thursdays then we’ve got a little more news for you – it’s never been easier to connect with us and get involved. We’ve already had over a hundred of our members come visit and we’re got enough to keep these events going (and in the case of BF4 it’s been over 2 years) but if you’re in to the idea of playing with like-minded adults who aren’t bothered by your in-game performance as much as your ability to show up when the rest of us play (and then go back to whatever other stuff you need to do) then don’t hesitate: though we host Teamspeak, Ventrilo and Mumble servers we have officially settled on Discord. After over a month of testing we’ve seen such great responses that it’s a no-brainer, just click on this link to join us and talk to the group to get the best experiences from the longest lived gaming organization of it’s type! We’ll see you in there!

Insurgency server, Discord, Council update

insurgencyIt looks like Thursdays are the right place for playing some Insurgency! We picked up a server which runs in public mode for every other day until it has a password applied on Thursdays for anyone that’s interested in joining the rest of us in our series of battles against one another. It’s only been a couple of weeks but we tend to get 7v7’s going, come on out or just drop us a line whether you’d like to join us or provide a suggestion for the public server.

Our Discord test has gone just over three weeks and we’ve received a pretty good amount of feedback. It seems like it may actually have come out as a really great communications centre for us; we’ve enjoyed great daily activity since we started and nearly a hundred folks have come to hang out together in this mobile, tablet, browser, desktop friendly platform. It looks like we’ll be making this our hangout for the time being, we’re setting up Mumble, Teamspeak and Ventrilo servers as backup but for the time – especially if you haven’t visited yet – just follow this invite link to immediately connect with the rest of us, say hello!

On a slightly different note, we have an internal update for you: for years now we’ve had a group of members who we call Council, these are typically representative positions that are held by members who aid in one or more of our initiatives. Today we’re thrilled to announce that cc//Smithy has joined us up on Council rounding out the group currently made of cc//dox, cc//GeeCee and cc//redfireant3. This isn’t his first rodeo as he was previously a Council member for our Guild Wars 2 campaign back in the summer of 2012 and has already been an active member for a decade, we’re excited to have his drive and energy back on board, cc//Smithy had this to say:

“It’s great to be back in the Crack Clan Council, I have been a longtime member and have always had a vision for where I wanted to see Crack Clan go. After a tough start in Guild Wars 2 and 2 kids later I am back in the group helping make the decisions putting in the time and battling in the trenches doing the hard work. I want to see Crack Clan grow and our brothership to prosper.. Most of all I want us to all have fun while wearing our try pants!”

With try pants on and a round of high5s thanks to all, come on out and visit us in text or voice right now by joining us in Discord, we look forward to it!