Month: May 2017

Happy 19th Birthday Crack Clan!

Wow, these just keep on coming — another milestone passed on the calendar! This one marked by even more exciting adventures on and off line.. always I find myself eschewing thoughts of lightsabers and wookies in lieu of reflecting upon what an incredible real life journey this has all been. This reflection is often accompanied by a surprised laughing-out-loud at the absolutely unlikely twists that life presents: back in 1998 did I ever consider that playing a single video game with some guys would launch nearly two decades of amazing experiences, serve as a source of some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had and catalyze an annual trek to somewhere on the planet to share drinks, meals and trade war stories? Nope!

And so, with gushing juiciness: thank you all for building another year together, from the double digit veterans through to the newly appointed, the staff and the rejected, the teammates and the opponents. It’s an unprecedented path and I hope it never ends as we continue reap the rewards of the insight and experience gained from getting together and wearing try pants.

Much love,