Month: May 2020

Birthdays and new games

This month, we celebrated another year together with some fun, games and hitting the highest Discord Boost Level possible, effectively ringing in a total of 22 years of character and camaraderie! Our low-drama, high-integrity approach has delivered such amazing experiences over all of this time and continues by growing even more gaming nights and in-house events. We’d like to thank our entire community and those that we interact with for making this possible and are really looking forward to how things will look for our 23rd!

We’ve been really busy with a lot of activities as of late – leading the pack is an announcement regarding our [email protected] team from last month: an incredible display of teamwork as our community of gamers turned their rigs toward folding proteins with COVID19 as a focus, the results as they stand now: Crack Clan climbed to the top 1% of contributors to the world’s biggest supercomputer, beating out nearly a quarter million other teams! What an amazing job, thank-you everyone!

Our extremely successful Battlefield V In-House battles have followed in similar footsteps to countless Crack Clan community projects and have established our Squad Conquest events as the best BFV entertainment you can get anywhere in the world on Wednesdays and Sunday (we added Sunday with an eye toward more friendly EU times) but: we haven’t stopped there! We’re also proud to announce our expansion of this concept in to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – that’s right! – no hackers, no bad attitudes and balanced teams is what it’s all about. Don’t even hesitate: pop in to our Discord to get started on Thursday nights and every other night!

It doesn’t end there: another unexpected set of events have found us hosting a DiRT Rally 2.0 championship that has rapidly shot up in popularity with community members also taking advantage of the recent sale and testing their times out in our week-long Rally’s as well as a live Rallycross event on Tuesdays. We haven’t ever enjoyed such success with such a visceral racing experience, this is an unmissable series of events: don’t forget your helmet!

Last, but certainly not least, we’re tracking both new and old: Terraria released their 1.4 Journey’s End patch which some members are kicking around on our server. We’ve also had a group of fans clocking the Valorant closed beta and it’s definitely making waves as an exciting new entrant in truly competitive FPS! This has provided an irresistible set of matches for many of our members and we’re definitely on the hunt for players from both Europe and North America to join us in forming rosters which would lead us further back in to competitive reality as well as hopefully delivering some more great in-house battles.

As always: we invite you all to visit us in Discord for a chat or a game or whatever else you might be looking for – we proudly remain as a super-stable, hyper-inclusive gaming group that compliments career and family oriented adult gamers. Sound good? What are you waiting for? Come by and say Hello! or