A flurry of community activity

A colourful tapestry of leaves begins to settle on the ground amidst a swirl of Crack Clan adventures that have us all very excited with a mix of great successes, growth and eager outlook to settling in with a few new initiatives too:

Gathering Times
We recently parted ways after another one of our amazing IRL gatherings, this time celebrating our 20 years together with an amazing group of people that reunited in Toronto to go through a range of activities which included a myriad of awesome experiences! North America’s 5th largest city played host to a dizzying array of sights and sounds and served as the environment for us to take on everything from incredible food and drink to some really entertaining activities. We were subjects to a wild selection of beer with incredible imported samples as well as attending a 400+ cask festival, we were stunned by a world-class Aquarium, escaped from a prison using just our team work, subsidized countless Uber/Lyft drivers zipping around to and fro while being spoiled by stunning meals sourced from the finest butchers and prepared by the best of friends. There was already talk about our next Gathering and some of us are planning to have one sooner than later – once a year is not enough. Thanks so much to all the Crack Clan members that make these possible and shout-out to special guests [|56|]West and Bad Chef from the Blue Scholars – miss you already!

It’s all about the leadership..
What started as an experiment has grown far beyond initial expectations with the help of all of the amazing supportive people out there! Every Monday and Thursday at 9:00pm ET we enter our full public Squad server and insert squad leaders who have received instructions from strategies made along with commanders that have been preparing in the days before. Splitting up our clan and providing some structure (instead of stacking on one side) has turned out to be beneficial to everyone involved and we’re seeing great interest in continuing this activity. You can now track progress, gain transparency in to the strategies, watch replay videos, see what is coming next and much more by looking at our brand new Squad Commander Battles Portal. We are also thrilled to announce that cc//BigDaddyScott, cc//D3monicrampag3 and cc//Shepe have been promoted to Squad Staff at Crack Clan and remind everyone that you can get involved in so many ways, you don’t have to be a member! With your help (just connect to our Discord to ask how you can play/lead/etc) and the latest V12 release we’re looking at a game with a life and future unlike many others. If you haven’t already checked this out, you really should!

Da dum dum da dum dum – Battlefield 5
As some of you may know, Battlefield 1942 presented us with a real renaissance: things were never quite the same again once we picked up and dove in to Desert Combat, our competitive groups created a fascinating standard that we still enjoy and honour today. It should come as little surprise that the latest Battlefield V beta caught the attention of several of our BF vets and built some internal hype as the changes made in the game seem to harken back to how it used to be. With fantastic gunplay, emphasis on teamwork, a well-adjusted pace and no more “shooting at doritoes” we find ourselves today snarfing down hours on the latest release. With new lessons learned from Squad there is a sentiment of wanting to carry over something similar to this franchise and extend our legacy with the game. We’d like to take this opportunity to put this out there: we’re reaching out to all of the cc BF vets and are also placing a general call to anyone that is interested in the game to connect with us and explore the new title together.

Server Fun
With gamer time increasing as the weather turns, we’ve also increased our server presence in a few significant ways: on top of our popular Squad server we’ve also rolled out a brand new Ark server for all your dinosaur and tree-chopping needs as well a new Insurgency: Sandstorm server in support of the current beta. As always, we’re very open to suggestions as well as volunteers to help admin our servers – you can also support our ongoing activity on Patreon as we continue to bring career/family-oriented gamers the best of experiences. Last, but not least, we just celebrated our 1,000th member in Discord — what’re ya waitin’ for? Click here to join us!.

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