A Hunger Games Weekend and TF2 News

..it must have somehow re-entered some of our players consciousnesses and in a bit of a crazy coincidence we find ourselves hosting two Hunger Games themed events in two different games this weekend. Both of them are really short and both are open to non-members as well so use what little time you have left to try to join up and possibly pick up some prizes while you’re at it!

First up on Saturday at 3pm Central Time (that’s 4pm Eastern and 9pm UK time) join @Pockets as he leads this very unique (has it ever been done before?) server-wide chase event to great treasure in Guild Wars 2.

The rules are rather simple:

  • Follow the leader to the end, first one there is the winner
  • If no one can survive the gauntlet then the last one standing wins
  • Everyone is to run fresh new characters out of the tutorial zone
  • No exploits allowed, moving or otherwise

With a prize of 10 gold for 1st and 1 gold for second I wouldn’t be surprised if there ends up being a swarm at Southern Watchpost Waypoint, Norn City on the Crystal Deserts server!

For those seeking the ultimate Hunger Games experience you can check out our Minecraft event on Sunday hosted by folks like @Crystal with additional efforts from @Essexboy and friends to literally place you in to a survival situation which will have you in a box with a timer and then dropped in to a hostile environment where only the last standing person can claim victory. Complete with some custom, home grown maps, item drops and other goodies you will get as near to an authentic Hunger Games experience as you can! Test runs have already taken place and beta events have been a great success (it’s even more tense played this way, I had a blast!) so get in touch with the organizers (or stay tuned here for updates) to find out how to get involved.

On the TF2 front we’re currently enjoying the benefits of a few lessons hard-earned with, most recently, our premiere squad not being able to take BFF to the cleaners and taking a heavy loss on Process and not being able to tip the situation on Badlands in our favour. It’s highlighted the challenges we face and @Admirable, @retsh0ck and the boys are using every opportunity they can get to bring us in to a solid standing in this 13th season. You can analyze the game just like we are by pulling down the Demos, calculating against both logs or watching the VODs below. As an added treat @TviQ has kicked things up a notch on the streaming front and you can watch his VOD or just tune in to his TwitchTV stream whenever he’s up there! It’s a few days to the Epsilon match so we’ll be looking forward to that!

Last, but certainly not least, we get an update from @LillCeder who’s also got his hands full along with the squad we call cc//TF2 Blue (wait, shouldn’t we call ’em cc//TF2 Blu?!) with a little bit of roster jostling that’s taken us to win Snake but lose Process to Relapse Gaming a few days ago (STV Demos here) and then get processed by the Autobots with Snakewater and Granary not going our way either (STV Demos here).

We’re forging on ahead to the next challenges so we’re looking forward to taking it all in stride and continuing our battle up the tables!  Grab a look at the videos below and join us on our next update!

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