A little bit about Breach

The last two weeks began with the release of a new indie game and ended in a swirling storm of both heavy snow and acerbic comments which buried the new game in excuses of previous engagements and a sense of something better to do. But as the snow settles, and people’s rightful indigestion at the release of such a game reaches equilibrium, the community looks willing to dig it out of its cold resting place and heat it up.

Breach has been described as a cross between Bad Company and, well, what-ever other games that feature wanton destruction and sense of giddy fun at launching someone high into the air with a rocket. Its graphics look somewhat new, but that doesn’t mean it is top of the line, mostly because it doesn’t need to be. The game plays like a first person shooter with a twist, featuring a destruction engine called “3.0” by the developers, and a cover system which is “active” and allows one to peek around corners and blind fire, while pieces of their so-called ‘protection’ are chipped away by bullets and the hilarious insults deployed by the games characters. The game also contains a rank system which allows the player to pour hapless hours into earning a myriad of new weapons and gadgets which enhance the destructive properties of each player’s character. This alone makes the game a fun to play experience in which everyone should partake but, as with every shining star, there is often a dull spot.

When it was first delivered into the grabby hands of the Steam community, some players stared aghast at the crime that is Breach that was perpetrated by the developers and sold for 14 bucks. This was of course due to the overall sluggish and unfinished feel that the game first presented, and was highlighted by huge multi-player connection issues, which is a problem considering it is a multi-player “only” game. These bugs were quite often off putting and turned a huge assortment of would be players away with some simply giving up in frustration, and unrivaled exhaustion. Most of these somewhat crippling bugs were squashed by some minor updates over the last couple of days, and presented players with an even keel to launch their Breach experience from.

Other players of the community embraced the new title, citing its unique feel and something they couldn’t quite explain that drove them to return to the game to play again. One of the players who liked Breach was one of our very own clan members: “It’s a fun game, its different from everything else I play, it’s good for a laugh, and it helps to have a 1.5 kill ratio”; an oddly testimonial comment uttered by cc//Atomic who shares his name with the game’s developers. It’s different, and it may aggravate you to no end, but if you have 14 bucks and an adequate rig, then Breach just might be worth picking up. Just remember to mind your step as the ground you’re walking on has a habit of disappearing on you.

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