A Midsummer Night’s Update

There’s been plenty happening around the ole crack fire, for those of you that haven’t been sitting with us beside it I may as well share with you some of the stories that have been being passed around with the s’mores, hotdogs and high fives; it’s long overdue in any case.

Squad has continued to engage us taken us along another path: we’ve been hosting a Squad server that has been providing a lot of good games for members and visitors alike. It seems to be doing really well, largely in part to the support we receive both in-game and financial from our Patreon campaign not to mention the awesome feedback we get from caring players. It’s really a lot of fun and we’d like to issue a shout-out to the entire server population and remind you that you can come in at any time to our Discord and give us your feedback, suggestions, criticisms or just share a cool/fun video moment that you had in the server.

In other news we’ve begun to sink back in to multi-gaming by way of doing a whole bunch of stuff. We’ve always got guys like cc//Fast Eddie and cc//fuegoredux putting time in to League of Legends or stomping around with Mechs and/or trying out the latest and greatest new releases. We’ve also had a couple of organized events like this week where we’re reaching back to oldies-but-goodies like Tuesday’s Battlefield Bad Company 2 night where we loaded up 10 of us in to a server after re-installing the game and marveled at how well it’s aged (aside from the whole can’t run while strafing thing). It’s almost sure to return next week as the two hours that we put in to the game’s excellent Rush mode implementation simply wasn’t enough to fully scratch that itch.

We’re also trying out things like Post Scriptum Wednesdays which are a natural extension of our Squad activities but it doesn’t prevent us from firing up other titles like the latest No Man’s Sky patch and giving it a go or bringing interested people up to speed on our own Rust server and assembling a raid (tonight!) to spread our wings and see what else we can pull off.

As always we are super keen on getting good people together for good games and encourage our membership to tell the rest as to what’s got their attention and how to play together. We also seem to be collecting more interest in sharing our experiences with video so there’s some anticipation that we’ll be firing that activity up again soon after a long hiatus so stay tuned for that (and if you’d like to contribute then let us know!)

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