We are a non-profit, international gaming organization that planted its roots over 20 years ago and has been heavily active ever since. We’ve had a history of casual, competitive, semi-pro and professional ventures and are now catering primarily to working/family gamers who want to be with like-minded people while still having “try-pants” gaming sessions driven heavily by teamwork and all done on a schedule that can fit in to their busy lives.

In other words: we cater to mature gamers that seek gaming excellence but value character, camaraderie and integrity above their in-game results.


Are you a working professional or a family manager? Do you seek competitive level gaming experiences without the requirement to commit to schedules you can’t keep? We provide an environment for people that want to play while wearing “try pants”, we seek the kind of person that’s satisfied so long as a reasonable effort has been put forth. We support all skill levels and have a no-rage environment that features scheduled game events that are focused on fun, performance and not wasting anyone’s time.

The Philosophy

When we first formed in May of 1998 it was to cater to like-minds and facilitate more than just a nearly anonymous, solitary existence on public servers. Along the way through our last fifteen years of casual, amateur, semi-pro or professional gaming we’ve picked up – and stuck to – a few key philosophies along the way:

Our key philosophies are:

  • Smack-talk and trolling is for kids
    We’re not convinced that ego plays a big role in online gaming, we also consider all forms of bigotry and racism as useless and directly opposite to our desires we’ve kept our community clean of this kind of behaviour and it’s strictly prohibited.
  • Conflict resolution over conflict avoidance
    Honest discussion and dealing with your issues rather than back-talk or hiding. This is one of the main reasons we’re still here: if there’s a problem, it gets solved rather than ignored.
  • Own the experience
    Providing a positive experience by way of your participation and support, taking responsibility for the group and making this feel like your organization. This is why we have some gamers that have been with us for years!

The Beginning

It was in late 1996 and early 1997 when the first iteration of this organization began to regularly get together and enjoy time spent online, e-killing stuff.  As is rather typical it started in some offices in Toronto that already had decent-enough machines to run the titles of the day, though if we’re to be honest there was really only one worth considering: Quake.  We went through several months of sporadic yet dedicated activity in this regard, mostly focusing on LAN-only deathmatches with the occasional engagement across the Internet.

As these gatherings increased in size and regularity and overall activity had expanded to include participants in Montreal and New York City, a decision was made on May 4th, 1998 to officially name the group and partake in outside-office, non-LAN, I-use-ISDN Internet competition.  This was the day when during an IRC-based meeting the name “Crack Clan Ten” (along with {CCT} tags) were settled upon and we mark as our official birthday.

Later that year we were enthralled by the subsequent release of Half-Life 1 and Quake II and the resulting mod scene that erupted keeping us endlessly entertained by way of mods like AQ2, LMCTF, TFC, CS and more.

Desert Combat

It was once Battlefield 1942 was released that we experienced a massive first-boost in to our activity and membership as well as a name change: Crack Clan 42.  With the Desert Combat modification garnering the majority of our time we threw ourselves head-first in to the competition there, coming out in the end as one of the world’s top clans, now with truly international membership and a lot of lessons under our belt.

Going Global

Improving netcode and overall network infrastructure found us almost accidentally gathering steam and expanding rapidly on the European continent with members joining us from the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Sweden and beyond.  At this point competition was happening simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic while our organization matured with more attention being paid to operations and structure eventually leading us in to being a fully functional global organization.


Expansion happened organically and naturally from that point onward. An announcement which placed CC in the middle of the professional gaming scene was inevitable and brought great success and global recognition. Learning lessons about market realities and correcting management failures now finds Crack Clan enjoying a finely tuned existence which allows true support of online competitive multi-gaming within a proper environment.

Growing Up

After over 18 years of having dealt with a myriad of experiences it was time to open a new chapter in the organization. From humble beginnings through to hard, drama-fueled lessons straight along with playing at the highest level of competition with sponsors, international LAN events and more – the decision was made to embrace the current reality: those of us who have gone through this journey and have stuck around have moved on, we’re working professionals, we’re not interested in fraternizing with and aiming to beat players that haven’t paid real bills, held down employment or have no idea what it’s like to support a family. A re-brand has taken place and we are now embracing a new gaming reality which benefits from lessons learned and fits in to our mature lifestyles.

We still expect our gamers to uphold our common values, to commit to some schedules and remain competitive without having to sacrifice other parts of our lives. We’re one of the longest-lived organizations on the planet and still moving forward!