Anniversaries and new games

Eek, it’s been a very, very busy half year – well past due for an update, let’s see if we can keep it short or not! (Also: we really need a writer to keep up with affairs and update the site – apply within!)

Happy 21st Birthday

Another May 4th rolled around in 2019 which took Crack Clan in to its 21st year of operation; an incredible achievement only possible by the continued support and efforts of its membership! This year was all the more poignant: they say that you raise children for independence, this also seems to apply for the clan as the group embraced a new operational standard after years of iteration and learning. It’s a truly impressive step for the group as we challenged our core structure and values with a long term view and ended up stronger than ever. Our endless thanks to the amazing people that provide significant, continual loyalty toward providing a positive environment in good times and in bad. Much love and congratulations for building such a unique creation, you all share in this milestone!

Squad Developments

Our relationship with Squad changed significantly in the last few months as well. The concept of Squad Commander Battles was significantly matured and grown to the point of requiring its own staff to support another season of gaming. The idea of engaging every player and opening the battlescape toward a higher level of gameplay for all participants ended up being very warmly received by many and thus we contributed directly to the launch of Rebound Gaming Network: an initiative specifically made for these kinds of alternate, positive twists on playing games. As a result, RGN has enjoyed significant exposure and a lot of GGs with incredible highlights including many new teams joining, amazing in-game moments with unprecedented video support and even some awesome support from the developers themselves! Lastly, the rapid growth of Squad at Crack Clan also created some significant quality challenges which were ultimately alleviated by RGNs creation – we were able to address those and part ways with some negative elements, move our Squad support elsewhere and close the book on a mind-blowing chapter of our history. Thanks to all those who were part of it, we wish you the best going forward and appreciate those who went beyond the game and have contributed to our core and resulted in a growth that’s gone beyond what we had before!

Battlefield 5, Space Engineers, The Division 2

The never-ending flow of games continues to provide entertainment and opportunity for teamwork, it’s always been our core pursuit so it’s no surprise that working with other people continues to attract like minds and improve the way we spend our spare time.

Recent announcements of Battlefield 5 getting servers has hyped some of our group to turn an eye toward the return of Squad Conquest and potentially having some competitive fun in that arena.

A friendly query between friends about how Space Engineers has matured has led to the creation of a successful server that’s proving to be an amazing learning experience and collaborative sandbox.

The Division 2 exceeded expectations, has proven to be superior to its predecessor and created an incubator of growing activity in our group to run missions together.

All of this and more still carries an open invite for career and family oriented gamers that need/want to play on a schedule with other adults. The best way to get started is to simply join our Discord server, say hello and get involved – come find out why we’re still here 21 years later!