Announcing Starcraft II Division

“Construct Additional Rosters!”

“You got it boss!”

Since the beginning of beta Starcraft II has been active and rapidly growing by launching numerous tournaments, leagues and cups providing the game with nothing but positive notoriety. With the decision of adding a Starcraft II roster to the Crack Clan name, we’re now proud to present our new Starcraft II roster with more to come!

Daniel “haZard” Bidon

Thomas “Thomas” Badger

Matthew “Strength” Coulter

Jonathan “Toosneaky” Smith

Michael “Jaeger” Marcin

Justin “Justinsroy” Roy

Kicking off with the cc//SC2 roster, we will be participating in the upcoming CEVO Starcraft II Season and try to make an impact in the upcoming tournaments.

Now for a few words with a couple members of our lineup…

Q: Hey haZard, how have you been the past few months and what have you been up to in and out of Starcraft II?

A: haZard – Hey i have been pretty awesome lately thanks a lot for this interview. Recently I’ve just been working for my family in the past 6 months or so until I can go to college so its been a nice break from my studies. In Starcraft I’m doing pretty well as I’m always getting far in tournaments but since the game is still changing so much I keep needing to change my builds around or create new ones every patch, and since I create my own builds and never follow the meta game its been difficult recently but I’m overall happy in the direction the balance is going although I wish I could still go barracks first! I’m pretty happy with my play right now although I really just lack a good practice schedule, with practice and my unique harassment style I will be ‘taking advantage’ of everyone on the NA server in no time

Q: JustinsRoy, how have things in SC2 been going for you and what events, online and offline, could we possibly be see you attending in the near future?

A: JustinsRoy – Things have been going pretty well for me, playing in 1-3 tournaments a week (ESL, Z33k, SPGL, etc) trying to get some tournament experience. While not playing in those i’m working on build order/timing with practice partners or laddering. I’m hoping to attend a few LAN’s in the area and more online tournaments as well.

Q: Jaeger, Originally coming from the North American TF2 scene and your current given skill in Starcraft II, do you believe anything you’ve learned in TF2 will carry over into Starcraft?

A: Jaeger, I learned to practice and play in the way that makes sense for me and learned how to close the skill gap between myself and the top.

The Crack Clan Starcraft II roster are always looking for clan-wars and potential talent to try-out or practice with. If interested, get in contact with one of our members or cc//keK for more information!

cc// Fighting!

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