Battlefield 4 Campaign Begins!

cc_bf4_arrivesTwo years after its predecessor we’re finally at the point where we get to sink our teeth in to yet another re-imagining of our favourite franchise! Though it’s sure to be different from all other versions the Battlefield series continues to scratch that mixed-combat-itch for players around the world and both new and veteran players alike are keyed up to load in and start learning the ins and outs and experiencing BF moments like nothing else can.

Things should be even more interesting around our camp this time around, though we’ve been playing since 1942 we find ourselves in a new era with a new attitude and are doing some really interesting things at launch: one of the most significant is announcing a campaign that starts with a larger emphasis on the longevity of fun and throws in a more mature look at how we approach the game (and our lives). We find ourselves speaking straight to working professionals that still have that desire to play with ‘try pants’ on and experiencing heightened team work with good tactics and strategies but without the time requirement that other organizations seek. What’s the worth of all this wisdom we’ve gathered across all BF titles and other campaigns from casual to professional levels if we can’t leverage it?

Furthermore we’re also striking out immediately with the highest of quality game servers that’s there for all of us (and you!) to enjoy and mould in to a great place to hang out and get some really good games in — it’s been sourced from nfoservers and totally maxxed out so as to facilitate anything/everything possible from the Battlefield 4 universe (64 man, spectator, reserved and administrative slots!).

Last, but not least, we’re taking lessons learned and putting them straight in to practice: some of the best fun we’ve ever had has come from many of our own, internal tournaments. It’s totally different from competing against strangers for reasons as varied as general rage-free camaraderie and familiarity to open exchange of strategy and tactics and emphasis on close, balanced games. We’ve done plenty before (some extending the shelf-life of otherwise dead titles!) and are, for the first time, both doing one of these at launch and also allowing more people to participate!

We hope you’ll join us in some inter-continental BF4 action whether it’s just pubbing, playing in our tournament or joining us for the other awesome stuff that goes on within — see you on the Battlefield!

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