Bad Company 2 Vietnam Status

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam really hit us with quite the punch: it took us away from the vanilla version so quickly and gave us so much that we liked — even more than the original version that finally had our PCs shivering with Frostbite. Putting us in the lush jungle with a wicked array of weapons and without modern accessories like UAVs and laser sights really worked our Battlefield players up in to a frenzy; Teamwarfare even held a DICE-sponsored tournament which found teams from all over assembling rosters and going at it.. for just two weeks in a single-elimination tournament..

Unfortunately that meant that most teams had only a match or two and then folded (c’mon TWL: you should have seen this coming! Go double-elimination next time!) With the tournament over there seems to be very little out there in terms of competitive outlets just a few weeks after release: TWL is hosting a DOA 8v8 ladder and that’s about it.. for Europe and North America combined!?

In spite of all of the above we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy something truly special – with no teams looking to practice or scrimmage we have been holding internal battles (usually 6v6) a few times a week; there’s no better way to get a kick out of the game! Actual practice sessions with strategic and tactical consideration have led to truly epic battles that are often too tough to call and leave everyone energized and looking for more. It’s a nice reminder that you can have fun ‘on your own’ and is an excellent way to fill the gap between games. If you’re interested: don’t hesitate – we don’t know how long it will last – get in touch and join us, we typically hold these events on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. If you like the game you don’t want to miss out on these!

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