cc//beta site launch

cc_beta_site_launchCelebrating eleven years, expanding our professional ventures and generally feeling good we decided that it’s been a long time coming but that we deserved a bit of a face-lift.

We’re calling this a beta because we expect bugs and we’d like to burn-in some of the new features that appeared during the alpha stage with a wider audience before adding the others that are being polished off. What we’ve got for you here represents several new components:

Front page and forum integration: Log in from the front page, post comments, participate in the forums all without having to do it twice.

New Score Ticker: Updated more regularly and more accurately it now also carries the ability for discussion, external links, screenshots and demo downloads all from one neat place.

SourceTV: When we’re in battle you’ll know about it and be able to jump in to the action with just one click (it also features our own new 200+ person SourceTV server)

CrackTV: Along with our friends at QuadV (our favourite source for providing quality and dedicated LIVE audio and video streaming as well as commentary of online and LAN based tournaments from all over the world) we’re going to be pushing out video content to keep you entertained – keep your eye out for this, we’ll be adding more in the coming days!

Calendar: What’s going on, where it’s happening and when to tune in for events, as we pour more events in to it you’ll be able to follow us much more easily than ever before!

..and there’s more! Look forward to a new roster page, a files section from where you can lift the players’ configs and full integration with a community tab that will easily allow you to switch between the two sides of our organization.

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