BF4 Tournament


In the past we’ve found that holding internal, members-only tournaments tend to deliver some of the most positive experiences possible for online, multiplayer titles. With this knowledge and experience we’re launching a Battlefield 4 tournament right away in order to reap the benefits of:

  • Competitive environment between players that know one another (we all meet+chat after matches!)
  • Hacker-free, balanced matches with no trolling and/or drama (if you know one another you tend not to be nasty!)
  • A learning-friendly environment that carries players of all skill levels (it’s about good games, not stomping people in to the ground!)
  • Consistent server (we use the same one!)

how it works

  • Step #1: Collect interested players
    It’s a limited engagement, there’s limited spots and it’s only for those who can commit to playing 1-2x a week (usually a practice and a match) – note that in the past we’ve asked for a token of dedication to avoid attendance problems!
  • Step #2: Play test
    We get everyone that’s interested to side up, put on their try-pants and just play with one another in a mixer. The point is to build chemistry and start coalescing in to squads.
  • Step #3: Balance test
    After creating teams we play a test match to see how balanced they are. If they’re imbalanced, we balance them!
  • Step #4: Tournament launch
    Every week we play through another map, going through all the maps in total until there’s none left!

That’s it! Though it’s a competitive environment we encourage (and seed!) ideas like advanced tactics, exchange of ideas and more; look at it as a competitive sandbox that includes total transparency and brainstorming with both your team mates and opponents all for just a couple hours a week!
tournament format

  • 4 teams
  • Defuse mode
  • 5-player teams
  • best of 3
  • 2 matches per night
  • matches start strictly at 8:00pm Eastern Time

team tables

Alpha Beta Charlie Delta
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Week #1: Operation Locker


Week #2: Paracel Storm


Week #3: Siege of Shanghai


Week #4: Flood Zone


Week #5: Golmud Railway


Week #5: Dawnbreaker


Week #6: Hainan Resort


Week #7: Lancang Dam


Week #8: Rogue Transmission


Week #9: Zavod 311


want to join
Head over to our BF4 portal page and fill out the form, we’ll take it from there!