BFV In-house Battles & COVID-19


The global coronavirus pandemic has impacted us all significantly, the massive changes to work, family and play have turned many lives upside-down and Crack Clan is no exception. We hope that you are all staying healthy, safe, indoors and encourage any of you having trouble to share it with us so that we could try to help.

With the battle against COVID-19 appearing to shape up we’d like to announce the formation of our support for the [email protected] distributed computing project currently under way. Our powerful gaming PCs position our group uniquely in order to help where we can turn our machines during our idle time (or actively) toward running simulations with our combined CPUs and GPUs contributing to aid in the heavy computations required by this task. Anyone can “start folding” as an independent or as part of the Crack Clan team: 258814. Find out more about this project:

BFV In-House Battles

In other news, our Battlefield V initiative has matured and grown in to something wonderful — our weekly in-house battles have expanded! The original premise remains the same: providing a valuable alternative to pubbing – the most wholesome, balanced battles possible!

What does this all mean? In a nutshell it kind of looks like this:

  • We have a group-approved list of restrictions on weapons (no 2A, etc)
  • We play each map twice (switching sides half-way, like a competitive match) usually in Squad Conquest mode
  • We have software that helps us create the most balanced teams possible
  • If a round score is heavily balanced toward one team, we rebalance teams
  • No attitudes, no hackers, no BS, just really close matches
  • Anyone is allowed to play – you do not have to be a member!

Our expansion now complements our daily BFV adventures with the following two weekly special events:

  • Wednesdays at 8pm ET
  • Sundays at 2pm ET (friendly time for Europeans!)

We’re currently focusing on re-expanding our European initiatives and are keen to meet people interested in playing this way, hosting another night, bringing their friends, etc. No strings attached, just another Crack Clan project that engages with the community at large and seeks to extend the wholesome and positive attributes of the games we play. Come to our Discord server and ask about getting involved – we’ll see you there!

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