cc// at MaxLAN and i35

Crack Clan are set and looking forward to two major upcoming LAN events.  Teams from our community side will be attending the infamous i-series LAN ‘i35‘ being held at its new found home; Stoneleigh Park in Coventry, England, while our professional Counter Strike: Source and Call of Duty 4 teams will represent Crack Clan at MaxLan in the Centre des Congrès in Epinal, France.

MAXLAN – 1st and 2nd November 2008

MaxLAN will be the first time that that both CoD:4 and CS:S Pro teams are to participate at a major event under their new organization ‘Crack Clan’.  Both teams are up against some pretty hefty competition, as the likes of teams such as VeryGame(CS:S) and mTw.AMD(CS:S) will be joining and competing against them at the same event.

MaxLan has total of €10,000 in prize money + Hardware prizes.

1st €3000 + Hardware 1st €3000 + Hardware
2nd €1000 + hardware 2nd €1000 + hardware
3rd Hardware 3rd Hardware

The following members will be in attendance


Marc “Virp” Corban – Team Manager
Kevin “Ex6TenZ” Droolans
Floran “crZ” Thoumelin
Ludovic “Shokkk” Martin
Vincent “Emstqd” Cervoni
Thibaud “Tac” Laganne


Cyril “Teemu” Bescombes – Team Manager
Thomas “arEs” Dessaint – Team Manager
Leonard “rukkae” Alzeto
Romain “xandeR” Lopes
Mathieu “woken” Ruiz
Fabien “tigii” Le Guen
Antonin “OZWALD” Grenier

Luke Cotton

i35 – 31st October to 3rd November

i35 being held just out side the small town of Lemington Spa, at ‘Stoneleigh park’ will host up to 1500 games for a long-weekend of gaming excellence. The event its se;f will be boasting some big prize money, with €6,000 prize money for 1st place in  CS:S and €3,000 prize money for 1st place in CoD4.  A further breakdown of prize money of these two games are as follows:

1st €3,000 1st €6,000
2nd €1,500 2nd €3,000
3rd €750 3rd €1,500
4th €250 4th €500
5th €150 5th €300
6th €150 6th €300
7th €100 7th €200
8th €100 8th €200

Further details and to see the other prize money that is up for grabs click HERE.