cc//UKeSA Season 1 Final Results

ukesa_genericThis weekend our Halo 3, Team Fortress 2 and CounterStrike: Source teams are competing at the UKeSA Season I Finals in London, UK. The online season culminated over a month ago however some delays have meant that we’ve had to wait until now for the finals. Our Halo 3 team have been playing their final match in the Championship, where they came off comfortable winners over to take away the first place prize of £700!

Sunday sees our Team Fortress 2 and CounterStrike: Source teams take on Team Coolermaster in the Semi Finals of the Premiership Division and we will look to provide you with SourceTVs for these matches and live updates from the event from our twitter at

Update: Both our CSS and TF2 teams managed to beat Team Coolermaster with ease in the semi finals before meeting Reason Gaming and Team Dignitas in their respective finals. Unfortunately neither team was able to win but fought two close matches, with the CSS team taking a map off Reason and the TF2 team putting in a respectful performance.

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