cc// CSS adds Bowzar

After  a strong performance placing 4th at i39 last weekend  in Newbury, the team decided that changes were needed. Chris ‘ska’ Cullinane will be removed from the line up and replaced by Christopher ‘Bowzar‘ Bowey.

Team Leader Josh ‘ ADMiRE‘ Sharp gave the following statement:

“After our recent performance at i39 we felt as if we needed to make a squad change, we have chosen to drop Chris “ska” Cullinae not through choice but we feel it was needed to help us progress.  Ska is a great player with great aim, and a really nice lad so it was hard to say bye :(  Now with the positives, we have picked up Chris ‘Bowzar‘ Bowey we feel this is a great addition to the squad and from recent PCWs this seems to be the right pickup.  Bowzar has a strong knowledge of the game and has played for various skilled teams, most noticeably FRAGMA$TER$ TOXiC placing 5th at i36 and also coming in at 4th spot in EPS season 2. All I have left to say now is welcome Chris!”

Christopher ‘Bowzar‘ Bowey gave the following statement:

“It is my great pleasure to be joining Crack Clan after watching them perform amazing at i39 after only 1 month of being together most of which I have known for a long while, some of them being past enemies at events, but after i39 with having a great time with my mates I decided to get back into the game and find the right combination of great friends as well as professional skill level.  Since Crack Clan have been a huge organization since 1998 I believe that it is a strong foundation for our lineup to stay together and achieve great results from UK LANs to European.  Replacing SKA I’m sure was a difficult task for them as hes a great player and goes into everything with a positive attitude which I’m sure rubbed off on the team.  I would also like to thank Holy for all the support he has given the team over the past month and Tankey for also providing for the team as well as driving the trains.”

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