cc// CSS at i39!

cccssThis weekend our Counter Strike: Source team are competing at Multiplay’s i39 at Newbury, England, against some of England’s Finest. Coming into this event with some strong on-line performances in the EMS Qualifiers, the team will look to prove their quality in their first LAN event together.

cc//Ska had this to say before the event:

“Due to our online performances on ESL and other miscellaneous online cups and what-not; we will be attending this event with much more confidence than previous i-series.

We trust in our strong side that we will place a solid top 6 proving many of our peers wrong.

Thanks to the new backing from cc// to make attending this event possible

Shoutout to Team #BRAINERZ! ”

We’ll bring you updates throughout the event, and for up to date information you can follow us on Twitter.

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