cc// css Round-up and Fixtures


It’s been a busy week for Crack Clan with a lot of competitions nearing the end, it was up to cc// to keep their composure and focus to go through to the finals.


After beating Solaris 16 -3 Crack Clan have qualified for the ESL.France LAN finals in January and will be only competing for the final online position which determines the seedings for the finals. Crack are currently lying in 3rd place with 10 points, 2 points below VeryGames and RedLine; our next two opponents.


The 21-9 victory against Rush3D on the 27th means that Crack Clan have qualified from the group stages of the ESL along with mTw, who we face in the last groupstage match in the coming week.

Clanbase Euro Cup

With emphatic victories against GIAL and forZe in the quarter and semi-finals Crack find themselves in the upper bracket final against strong side Reason Gaming.

Eurokrieg Winter Cup

After beating Overgame, MultiGamer and fm!!toxic in the earlier lower bracket rounds, Crack find themselves yet again facing Reason Gaming in the Lower Bracket Semi-Final with the winner going on to face Team Verygames in the lower bracket final.

Read on for the fixture details..


Crack vs RedLine Monday 21:30CET EPS.FR Info

A win against RedLine could see Crack go on equal points as RedLine in the rankings and take a psychological advantage towards the LAN finals.

Crack vs Verygames EPS.FR TBA

The final game in the EPS will determine the final position of Crack which with a win against Redline and Verygames could mean joint top with both teams or possibly solely first in the league.

Crack vs Reason Eurokrieg TBA Info

In the first of the two matches against Reason Gaming it will be up to Crack to stop the strong Czech team and progress to the Lower Bracket final.

Crack vs Reason Eurocup Upper Bracket Final TBA
The second match against Reason, and whoever loses the first match in the Eurokrieg will definatly be looking for blood in this match, so expect an exciting and close affair.

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